Monday, July 20, 2009

When in doubt, Cover Up

No no, my friendly readers. No flashbacks to John Mitchell and John Dean framing the great Nixon (Peace be upon him). Drudge, Hotair, and few other sites have the news that the Obamateur Administration is delaying the release of some rather damaging economic information until they can pass the two trillion dollar healthcare rationing system.

Nixon thought Obamateur ran on a campaign of transparency, and doing things the right way. Face it leftists, your false messiah lied to you and everyone else.

Oh yeah, also, a report that hasn't gotten much coverage in the MSM is the porkulus plan may wind up costing us 23 trillion dollars. Twenty Three Trillion F'n Dollars. The equivalent of two full years of the US economic output.

Hope and change bitches. We're boned. Unlubed.

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