Monday, July 6, 2009

The Great Palin Controversy

The right side of the blogosphere has been in a tizzy since Sarah Palin's announcement that she was stepping down in three weeks as Governor of Alaska. Everyone has their own take on what her future holds. Some people think this ends her political life, some think it is a manuver to start a run for 2012 or 2016, and some think she is just tired of the bs dumped on her by the DNC and their willing allies the so called Main Street Media. Nixon thinks no one knows the real reason why Sarah did what she did.

Hotair and Ace of Spades HQ, both rather conservative sites, have had their comment threads dominated by some rather intense arguments between long term posters and Allahpundit and The Ace. Many feel that these two bloggers showed a great amount joy and glee in announcing the end of Palin's political career. Ace of Spades HQ has seen two rather long posts and even longer threads by Ace responding to the criticism.

Nixon feels that bloggers who own their websites are more than entitled to post whatever they like. If I want to link the video showing Nixon terrorizing hitchhikers, so be it. Or the video shot in Tijuana showing the flaming hobo toss competition that Nixon lost. It's my site, I control the content.

It hurts to see Ace of Spades HQ tearing itself apart. My advice to Ace was post what you like and tell your posters if they can't handle it to hit the f'n road. You want to disagree with Nixon's positions, fine, it is a free country for now. Cross the line, and I'll ban your ass. Ace, maybe you need to look at what you want on your blog. It's still my favorite place to read and post. But remember, it's your name on the marquee, no one else's.

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