Monday, July 6, 2009

The Coming War in......Honduras?

Only the Obamateur could screw up the situation going on in Honduras. The military in that country decided to support the Constitution and prevent their current President from using Hugo Chavez's money to set himself up as President for Life in a rigged election (sort of like Iran, rigged election, that is). Instead of complimenting the Honduran military, Obamateur is acting like this was a violent banana republic special, instead of a move in support of the Constitution of Honduras.

I wonder if the US military will be called in to overthrow the legal government of Honduras? Or will Obamateur let Nicaragua go ahead and invade Honduras, as their military is massing on the Honduran border.

Why does Obmateur have a fetish for leftist dictators and blood thirsty mullahs in the Mideast? Two words for you, Bill Ayers. Apparently the stories of their deep and long friendship were true. Imagine that. Obamateur just can't help worshipping the totalitarian sort. After all, he is a socialist.

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