Monday, September 27, 2010


Nixon has been taking it somewhat easy on the blogging lately. Nixon has been making the rounds on the right side of the blogosphere, and the trolls are out in force. Obvious moby's, threadjackers, and just good old disruptors are in full force trying to undermine the conservative side of the aisle.

Do you know why? FEAR. It's rampant on the left. They realize that the game is up and their time is running out. They left Washington or will shortly without both a budget or voting on the extension of the wildly successful Bush tax cuts. The same cuts that led to record tax revenues and pulled us out of the 9-11 recession.

They have nothing to run on in November, except running away from Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

Dick Morris today said he can see the GOP taking 100 seats in the House. Personally, Nixon has it at 43. And 5 in the Senate. And before anyone writes off Delaware, beware of the fiscal conservative Democrat and Independent voter. Nixon sees that race tightening up, and look for Sarah Palin to possible campaign there. Ooops.

Nixon uttered the name of She Who Shall Not Be Named, not to be confused with the Candidate Who Shall Not Be Named (in Delaware, you figure it out).

Going to get real in the next few days on the campaign trail. Be ready to vote November 2nd. And if you are concerned (rightly) about voter fraud, volunteer to help work the polls.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nixon read a Funny Today

Allahpundit and the folks at HotAir had a link to a write up asking if the Obamateur should start attacking Sarah Palin now and not wait til 2011. This makes absolutely no sense to Nixon, but, then again, liberals are mostly brain dead morons.

Sarah Palin isn't running for POTUS. No matter how many times Nixon has begged her to, she hasn't declared her candidacy.

What she is doing is changing the landscape of politics in the US. It seems like most of her endorsed candidates either win at the ballot box or come from no where to almost pull it out, solely ON THE STRENGTH OF SARAH PALIN"S ENDORSEMENT. No other private citizen has wielded such power and pull with the American people. The left is scared of her. The GOP is looking at writing on the wall that says "Your day has ended, the rule of people is dawning".

Of course, the left has been afraid of Sarah ever since she almost pulled defeat from the jaws of McCain's inept campaign. IF she had been turned loose in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, McCain would be POTUS. Tough shit John boy, you dropped the ball and the country is screwed by the Obamateur. The media has never let up on Palin, with hit piece after hit piece on her. Yet, she keeps her head up, keeps her dignity intact, and marches on.

Go ahead Barry, go nuclear on Palin. It will guarantee your defeat in 2012 and your enshrinement as the worst POTUS in history.

sidenote: Palin is in Iowa tonight. Back stage waiting on her is a note. It says, "Run Sarah, Save our Nation". RMN is at the bottom.

Run Sarah, save our Nation.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nixon's Three Laws of Politics

Original Content Maybe, but True nonetheless.

Nixon's First Law of Politics: "When you defeat a liberal's policies, actions, or arguments, look for racism and bigotry to be introduced as the motivating factor for your opposition".

Nixon's Second Law of Politics: "When a liberal's policies fail, look for racism and bigotry to be used as the reason for the failure".

Nixon's Third Law of Politics: "When a liberal starts losing their argument or is unable to defend their liberal position, look for the conservative to be called a racist or bigot".

This is applicable in any situation, not just politics.

Trademarked by The Nixon Tape, Dick Nixon blogger.

Friday, September 10, 2010


is the anniversary of 9-11. The USA was attacked by islam. Not a small part of islam, not rogue elements of islam, by islam.

Nixon calls all to witness that islam is a false, pagan religion. A 7th century death cult whose prophet had sex with a 9 year old and whose demented followers believe that murdering the innocent gains you heaven.

Nixon also proclaims that Jesus Christ is the Resurrected Son of the Living God the Father. The pagans will all stand before Him at the Great White Throne Judgement and be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity.

9-11. Nixon hasn't forgotten. Not by a long shot.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

To celebrate, the Obamateur wants to borrow $50 billion for more infrastructure work. Similar to the $100 billion spent on infrastructure work that did absolutely nothing to help the economy.

Only in America.