Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blue Tuesday

What a crappy today it is. The only lively things working today is the fact that someone finally asked Obamateurs Press Secretary, Joe Goebbels III, about the swirling issue of Obamateur's birth certificate and possible unfitness for office.

Obamateur is not fir to serve as POTUS, his actions alone should disqualify him on the basis of limited mental capacity. He is the biggest empty suit to ever sit in the White House, and is neck and neck with Jimmah Carter for the title of worst POTUS in history. In fact, he makes Carter look like George Washington.

Still some rumblings that the left's dream of a socialized medical system, and the then destruction of the US as a economic power, is still alive. But, as the August recess approaches, the odds grow longer that a vote in the Senate or House will come to fruition.

We can only hope.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What We Have Heard Is, Failure to Communicate

Absolute. Waste. Of. Air.

The one hour Obamateur ramble tonight exposed this charlatan for what he really is. A fraud. A huckster. And a simpleton. Every person who watched the Obamateur try to explain his Death Bill, aka Health Care Plan, to the American public, is now less intelligent for listening to him.

Epic Failure. There is no other way to describe it. Bill O'Reilly said it best " I have a masters degree from Harvard, and I have no freaking clue what the POTUS just said".

Thanks to Ace of Spades HQ for the live blog.

Again, Obamateur, beware of the wookie tonight.

The One. Epic Failure.

Monday, July 20, 2009

When in doubt, Cover Up

No no, my friendly readers. No flashbacks to John Mitchell and John Dean framing the great Nixon (Peace be upon him). Drudge, Hotair, and few other sites have the news that the Obamateur Administration is delaying the release of some rather damaging economic information until they can pass the two trillion dollar healthcare rationing system.

Nixon thought Obamateur ran on a campaign of transparency, and doing things the right way. Face it leftists, your false messiah lied to you and everyone else.

Oh yeah, also, a report that hasn't gotten much coverage in the MSM is the porkulus plan may wind up costing us 23 trillion dollars. Twenty Three Trillion F'n Dollars. The equivalent of two full years of the US economic output.

Hope and change bitches. We're boned. Unlubed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Wide World of Hump Day

Ace of Spades HQ has a nice article on the apparent dropping of the approval rating of the Obamateur's policies. Nixon guesses when you bankrupt a country, run a record deficit, cause double digit unemployment, and propose another 2.5 trillion dollar spending program even the rubes who voted for you get a little concerned. Of course, the socialists in Congress plan to keep on spending and passing destructive policies. Gonna be a long year till next election cycle.

Oh yeah, to all the haters of Brock Lesnar, go put on your big girl panties and calm down. It's not Brock's fault that Frank Mir's face kept getting in the way of his fist. Mir's face ended up looking like a plate of spaghetti had been dropped on it. Guess running your mouth wasn't such a bright idea.

Did Nixon mention that the Obamateur Administration is a total failure? If not, my apologies.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did you know liberals are racists, sexist, and liars?

Of course, anyone with half a brain (this excludes the 52% of the voting electorate last November) knows that the title of Nixon's post is true.

Nixon had the misfortune to read the comments on a CNN write up about the impending assault on Sarah Palin's writing of a critical op ed in the Washington Post pointing out the impending damage to be done to the economy by the Obamateur Cap and Tax plan.

Go read the comments from the so called tolerant left. They don't refute the points Sarah made, they try to destroy her. They don't want to believe their messiah could be so incompetent as to propose another disastrous plan. So they unload on Sarah.

Two way street gomers. Nixon is done with the civility to the supporters of the Obamateur Administration, both online, in print, and in the real world. You people are a blight on the American landscape. The sooner the left is removed from power, and maybe existence, the better.

Enough is enough.

What is Palin up to?

The Washington Post has a op ed by Sarah Palin regarding the Obamateur's Cap and Tax Plan. Spot on analysis, rather in depth yet easy to read. Of course, the comments section is chock full of your typical racist and sexist statements by liberals regarding Sarah. What else would you expect from the left?

However, more interesting is the idea floated by Rush Limbaugh, amongst others, regarding Palin's future. Rush has the idea that Sarah is now laying the groundwork by doing such articles for a possible formation of a third party run for POTUS. While Nixon is very skeptical of third party's, based on their historical performance, such a idea could very well have some teeth to it.

Most people with common sense are now realizing Obamateur has no f''n clue on how to be POTUS. A record deficit, booming unemployment, and the specter of rampant inflation still to come has opened a lot of people's eyes. Coupled with a lukewarm and lackluster response from the Republican Party, this spells out the path to the White House for a popular conservative outsider to make a serious run for the POTUS.

Some said Sarah was crazy for resigning. Crazy like a fox perhaps. Time will tell.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nixon Told You So

Hey Frank Mir. Was it really a good idea to heckle and ridicule Brock Lesnar? Nixon called a second round TKO. Nixon should have called it a brutal ass kicking by Lesnar when he felt like it.
Lesnar now becomes the new face of Mixed Martial Arts. Record PPV and gate receipts are to follow.

George St. Pierre also earned a five round unanimous decision.

Told you so.

You can take Nixon to the bank.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday, On the Rocks

Nixon was reading over at Hotair.Com, home of Allahpundit and Captain Ed Morrissey, about the startling fact that counties that went for the Obamateur in November receive around double the porkulus funds of counties that went for Maverick Rino McCainus. The author of the article expressed a sense of surprise at this fact.

Hope and change, it's what the yokels voted for. However, said change is Chicago politics now taken nationally. Corruption. Graft. Favoritism. It's the Chicago Way.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MMA, The New Sport of Kings?

Unless you have been under rock for the last few years, many of you may have noticed the recent and continuing growth of mixed martial arts, unarmed combat that combines striking, wrestling, karate, ju-jitsu, and kick boxing into one combat "style". The UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, based out of Las Vegas is the headline organization of this fast growing sport.

The UFC will offer it's 100th pay per view event this Saturday night. Headlining the event will be the heavyweight title match between UFC champion and former WWE superstar Brock Lesnar vs interim UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir. Many people predict this ppv will set MMA pay per view records. It doesn't hurt to have UFC welterweight champion George St Pierre on the co main event.

Far from being human cockfighting as it was once called, MMA is now a larger attraction with more credibility than professional boxing. The matches are closely supervised by the referees, and are stopped when necessary with the safety of the fighters emphasized. The sport has had less deaths and major injuries than boxing. And there is no Don King.

Even the US Marine Corp in it's martial art training incorporates many of the elements of MMA in its fighting style, along with the US Army.

Here is hoping MMA and the UFC don't drop the ball like boxing did.

Oh yeah, Nixon supports Brock Lesnar. The man was born for combat. Second round TKO.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday is Gone with the Wind

What to talk about this evening? The absolute circus that was the Michael Jackson service today? Harry Reid telling the POTUS that a second stimulus will damage the Democrats in Congress? The absolute travesty of Al f'n Franken being sworn in as a US Senator? Really, none of these things are article worthy, in Nixon's opinion.

Sarah Palin did come out and launch her first salvo against Barak Obama by calling what he has done to the economy of the US "immoral". That is one word Nixon had not seen used regarding the One's butchery of the economy. Pretty well sums it up, if you ask Nixon.

Nixon had a run in with a complete douchebag on the net last night at Ace of Spades HQ. Warren Bonesteel, a pole smoker of the first magnitude, had the audacity to call Nixon a liar regarding my support of Sarah Palin. When confronted with this fact, and the gift of the address to the website showing said support, he was too much of a vagina to go read it for himself. Here is to you, Warren Bonesteel, todays douchebag of the day. Nixon looks down on you. Daily.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Great Palin Controversy

The right side of the blogosphere has been in a tizzy since Sarah Palin's announcement that she was stepping down in three weeks as Governor of Alaska. Everyone has their own take on what her future holds. Some people think this ends her political life, some think it is a manuver to start a run for 2012 or 2016, and some think she is just tired of the bs dumped on her by the DNC and their willing allies the so called Main Street Media. Nixon thinks no one knows the real reason why Sarah did what she did.

Hotair and Ace of Spades HQ, both rather conservative sites, have had their comment threads dominated by some rather intense arguments between long term posters and Allahpundit and The Ace. Many feel that these two bloggers showed a great amount joy and glee in announcing the end of Palin's political career. Ace of Spades HQ has seen two rather long posts and even longer threads by Ace responding to the criticism.

Nixon feels that bloggers who own their websites are more than entitled to post whatever they like. If I want to link the video showing Nixon terrorizing hitchhikers, so be it. Or the video shot in Tijuana showing the flaming hobo toss competition that Nixon lost. It's my site, I control the content.

It hurts to see Ace of Spades HQ tearing itself apart. My advice to Ace was post what you like and tell your posters if they can't handle it to hit the f'n road. You want to disagree with Nixon's positions, fine, it is a free country for now. Cross the line, and I'll ban your ass. Ace, maybe you need to look at what you want on your blog. It's still my favorite place to read and post. But remember, it's your name on the marquee, no one else's.

The Coming War in......Honduras?

Only the Obamateur could screw up the situation going on in Honduras. The military in that country decided to support the Constitution and prevent their current President from using Hugo Chavez's money to set himself up as President for Life in a rigged election (sort of like Iran, rigged election, that is). Instead of complimenting the Honduran military, Obamateur is acting like this was a violent banana republic special, instead of a move in support of the Constitution of Honduras.

I wonder if the US military will be called in to overthrow the legal government of Honduras? Or will Obamateur let Nicaragua go ahead and invade Honduras, as their military is massing on the Honduran border.

Why does Obmateur have a fetish for leftist dictators and blood thirsty mullahs in the Mideast? Two words for you, Bill Ayers. Apparently the stories of their deep and long friendship were true. Imagine that. Obamateur just can't help worshipping the totalitarian sort. After all, he is a socialist.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

BIrth of a Nation

1776. Men pledged their lives, property, and honor to forge a new country. They endure incredible hardships, and take their God given freedom from the mightiest Empire on Earth. All of them would roll over in their graves if they could see how the mighty have fallen. From a country that won two World Wars and the Cold War to a country that's leaders tell our friends in recently liberated Iraq that if it gets tough again there, we can't, and won't, help them stay free.
Joe Biden is a moron. And The Obamateur, a absolute disgrace to the office he holds.

Nixon shares the confusion about Sarah Palin's departure from politics. She is either tired of the bs, planning a third party run, or else her family has become a issue. Either way, she will never hold national office with this around her neck.

However, as long as people like Nixon live, this country will still live on in our memories if nothing else.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The 3rd of July

Thoughts running thru Nixon's mind today lead to the fact that anyone who voted for Obama is a socialist or has socialist views, or are merely panhandlers with the right to vote. So if any of your friends or family voted for him, and you are still friends or family with them, you hate your country.

You POS's.

Nixon has made a list of everyone he knows that supported Teh One. For every action, there is a equal and opposite reaction. Anonymous tip lines are great things to use. Just sayin'.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Power of Words

Nixon is constantly amazed by the power that words can convey, either when written or spoken. The Obamateur was elected POTUS by repeating the words Hope and Change.

In Nixon's favorite Sci Fi and Military Sci Fi books, there are some pretty killer lines. In Jerry Pournelle's Empire of Man series (The Mote in Gods Eye is part of this), the ruler of the Human Empire had a really cool title. The planet Sparta was the capitol of the Empire. Thus, " His Majesty Leonidas IX, By the Grace of God Almighty King of Sparta and Emperor of Humanity". Emperor of Humanity. Now there is a job title Nixon can appreciate.

Before there was the Empire, there was the CoDominium, the result of the USA and a restored USSR deciding that they would prefer to rule the Earth and later the stars. During the Helot War in 2096, the Helot leadership and the Spartan Government were summoned to a meeting. Any action against each other would be "considered an attack on the CoDominium requiring your extermination". Strong words. In Ian Douglas's 9 book future story of the Xul versus the US Marine Corps, a gunnery sergeant was heard to say when told the Corps had no chance to beat the advanced Xul, " Hell Sir, every enemy the Corps has ever faced has said the same thing. If we can shoot it, and if it bleeds, we can kill it. OOH RAHH!". The Corps eventually beat the Xul, after a 2000 year conflict. At the final ceremony ending the war, the ancient words "From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Ochre Sands of Mars" were sung by the assembled Corps. They never forgot they were the elite, the best, the Few, and The Proud.

And of course, perhaps the two greatest lines ever in movie history were:

1. Miami Vice the Movie. Sonny Crockett is asked who knows him and his partner by a drug dealer they are infiltrating. Sonny's response, "My mommy and daddy know me" delivered in a dead pan go to hell voice. Absolutely abusive.

2. Escape from New York. Snake Plisken is told the POTUS has gone down in New York and they need him to rescue him. Snake responds, "The President of What?", reflecting his view of the fallen status of the USA.

Cool words worth remembering. Even the Bible contains them"Behold the Son of Man shall return and sit in judgement over every one and everything".

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Death of a Legend

Lately, celebrities have been dying. Karl Malden died today. He played Omar Bradley in PATTON, hyped the American Express card for decades, was in the tv show THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO. He also played alongside Marlon Brando on the big screen. Pretty good guy it seemed to be.

Oh, you thought Nixon was going to waxed poetically about the departure of Michael Jackson? He was a apparent pedophile, drug user, and plastic surgery junkie. You know what the difference between Michael Jackson and Neil Armstrong is? One was the first man on the moon, and one was born a poor black child in Indiana yet died a rich white guy in LA. And lusted for kids.

Billy Mayes, now that was a salesman. And Farrah Fawcett, she supposedly asked St Peter to protect the kids. That was about the time MJ checked out. Coincidence? Nixon says you decide.