Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday is Gone with the Wind

What to talk about this evening? The absolute circus that was the Michael Jackson service today? Harry Reid telling the POTUS that a second stimulus will damage the Democrats in Congress? The absolute travesty of Al f'n Franken being sworn in as a US Senator? Really, none of these things are article worthy, in Nixon's opinion.

Sarah Palin did come out and launch her first salvo against Barak Obama by calling what he has done to the economy of the US "immoral". That is one word Nixon had not seen used regarding the One's butchery of the economy. Pretty well sums it up, if you ask Nixon.

Nixon had a run in with a complete douchebag on the net last night at Ace of Spades HQ. Warren Bonesteel, a pole smoker of the first magnitude, had the audacity to call Nixon a liar regarding my support of Sarah Palin. When confronted with this fact, and the gift of the address to the website showing said support, he was too much of a vagina to go read it for himself. Here is to you, Warren Bonesteel, todays douchebag of the day. Nixon looks down on you. Daily.

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