Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The morning After

Well, it is not the same as a coyote ugly festival, this first morning after the One, aka POTUS Obamateur, delivered his report to Congress. A report remarkable for the amount of non existent Federal Money that it calls for to be spent was the over riding highlight. Of course, according to our friends in the MSM, it was the greatest speech ever since God said "Let their be Light". Really, the fawning over Obamateur is now past the ridiculous stage. Of course, this merely proves how much the so called MSM is in the tank for this huckster.

Of course, The Chrissy and Keithy show had it's share of fellation bestowed upon the One. And, of course, one of the kneel and bob brothers was caught on a open mike hatin' on Bobby Jindal. Their good friend and possibly physical act partner Helen Thomas apparently made a virulent ethnic joke about Governor Jindal involving the movie "Slumdog Millionaire".

Liberals are so racist it isn't funny. Maybe Helen's employer will realize she is nothing but a hateful old biased bitch and send her to the glue factory or out to pasture.

Friday, February 20, 2009

When in Doubt, Cry Racism

The traditional tactics of the liberal left were on display this week by Democratic Congressman Clyburn this week. Hotair has a write up. Apparently according to this person, it is racist to oppose the Porkulus Obama Stimulus Plan. Some Republican Governors have stated they are not in favor of taking the money they would get, as it would help contribute to the destruction of the national economy.

Congressman Clyburn has no problem taking such funds. To hell with the US (G-d America anyone) just give me my f'n check.

Typical Liberal. When you can't justify your position or win the argument with facts, call people racists. Straight out of the Howard Dean handbook.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bender was Right

Nixon is a fan of animated shows such as "Family Guy", "Robot Chicken", and "Futurama". Little did Nixon realize until the other night that Bender the Robot from "Futurama" was in reality a savvy political commentator.

As you may know, the House and Senate Democrats, including 3 new Democrats Senators Specter, Collins, and Snow, passed the Porkulus Spending Plan, aka the Obama Stimulus Plan, without any Republicans supporting the bill. They now have a giant millstone around their necks. As the plan is infested with pork and virtually no job creation, it will fail miserably, and along the way cause the US to become a probable second rate economic power.

Also Sunday, POTUS Obama's Astroturfer in Chief Alexrod refused to rule out a return of the Censorship Doctrine by the Administration later this summer. As the liberal media controls the so called MSM, the threat caused by conservative talk radio is too much for them. Hope they realize the courts are a two way street now days.

What does any of this have to do with Bender the Robot? You may have heard of his famous quote, "We're boned".

Sums up the situation perfectly.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why is Obama Lying?

Why has the popular POTUS Obama resorted to lying about his Porkulus Plan? has a nice write up on the two lies that Obama has pushed lately. The first is that the Republicans in Congress have not proposed any plans for stimulating the economy. Note to the POTUS: There have been TWO alternatives proposed by Republicans.

The other lie is that he inherited a trillion dollar stimulus, while acting as if the Democrats had nothing to do with it. The TARP I Plan, (a total failure btw) was pushed and passed by Democrats with Obama on the cheering line. Plus, if he was so concerned with deficits, why is he supporting a plan that doubles the deficit at the start of his Administration?

Liar. Hurts to be proven one.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Porkulus Special

Nixon is now curious. Today, Secretary of the Treasury ( and noted tax cheat) Geithner has decided to postpone his release of the second bailout plan (Crap 2, or Tarp 2) until tomorrow. Curious in that the Obama Stimulus Plan (Porkulus) is scheduled for a vote this evening.

Nixon predicts Tarp 2 to come in at one TRILLION dollars.

Lets see:

$750 billion TARP1
$850 billion Porkulus Obama Maximus
$1,000 billion Tarp 2

$2.6 TRILLION down the shitter with no improvement in the economy.

Only in America. Nixon will tell his kids to migrate somewhere with a good economy when they grow up. Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Zaire, all should be better off that their poor old Uncle Sam after these boondoggles.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Failed Obama Administration

Nixon has taken static the last few days for his prophetic statement that the Obama Administration is now proven a total failure.

Well, tough titty.

Instead of the magical long hoped for return to some fantasy land "Camelot" administration, what ever the hell that is, we have a return to a liberal President, unable to lead, resorting to the politics of fear he so villified in his own campaign of 90 days ago, and the image of a President unable to deal with the realities of the Global War On Terror.

Mr. Hope and Change has been crying from the rooftops about the impending depression the US will fall into unless his magical Porkulus plan is passed and $900 billion of the American taxpayers hard earn money is wasted in a Ringling Bros style circus. Michael Steele, The new RNC Chair, should go on and let the three Republican Senators Snow, Collins, and Spectre in on the fact that they won't receive a f'n cent for their re elections if they continue to show their support for this atrocious waste of taxpayer money.

The One has already rolled back the programs instituted after 9-11 that kept us safe, effectively returning us to 9-10 in our outlook. His promise to close Gitmo and ending the military tribunals there are nothing more than kowtowing to the anti American Left that put him in the White House. Iran has already flipped his Administration the bird and proclaimed the now US position of talking with their psychotic leadership proof of failure to lead by Obama.

Nixon won't gloat of the withdrawal of Tom Daschele from his Cabinet Appointment, again over tax issues. If you cheat on your taxes and are a liberal, you to can go become a cabinet Secretary under the One.

Too Bad Daschele, Nixon hates it for you. Not.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Most. Corrupt. Cabinet. Evah

The Obama Administration has already made history. Gathering a public statement from Iran that his foreign policy is a failure within 10 days of taking office sets a new record. His abandonment of the Global War on Terror, thus opening America up to more attacks from blood crazed Muslim fanatics sets a new standard in appeasement.

Now, the second member of Obama's cabinet to be publicly shown to be a tax cheat, again within 10 days, has to to be a record.

Those of you who know Nixon are well aware of his feelings toward Tom Daschele. Loathing, hatred, despising - these are all mere adjectives of Nixon's soul deep hatred of former Senator Daschele. IMO, he ranks up there with James Carville as the two liberals Nixon would put against a wall if he ever assumed supreme power.

Now word of Tom Daschele's $180,000 error in paying his taxes is now public record. Also, POTUS Obama's decision to "stand by his man" is now public record. I guess there is something in the Chicago water system that makes corrupt politicians attract. There is also word of Daschele doing a lot of lobbying from entities that will directly profit from his new position.
It goes without saying if Obama were a Republican, the MSM and its allies would be running this scandal 24-7. However, Since the One is of the correct political and ideological affiliation, it barely makes the back page.

Hope and Change baby, only in America.