Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The morning After

Well, it is not the same as a coyote ugly festival, this first morning after the One, aka POTUS Obamateur, delivered his report to Congress. A report remarkable for the amount of non existent Federal Money that it calls for to be spent was the over riding highlight. Of course, according to our friends in the MSM, it was the greatest speech ever since God said "Let their be Light". Really, the fawning over Obamateur is now past the ridiculous stage. Of course, this merely proves how much the so called MSM is in the tank for this huckster.

Of course, The Chrissy and Keithy show had it's share of fellation bestowed upon the One. And, of course, one of the kneel and bob brothers was caught on a open mike hatin' on Bobby Jindal. Their good friend and possibly physical act partner Helen Thomas apparently made a virulent ethnic joke about Governor Jindal involving the movie "Slumdog Millionaire".

Liberals are so racist it isn't funny. Maybe Helen's employer will realize she is nothing but a hateful old biased bitch and send her to the glue factory or out to pasture.

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