Monday, February 9, 2009

The Porkulus Special

Nixon is now curious. Today, Secretary of the Treasury ( and noted tax cheat) Geithner has decided to postpone his release of the second bailout plan (Crap 2, or Tarp 2) until tomorrow. Curious in that the Obama Stimulus Plan (Porkulus) is scheduled for a vote this evening.

Nixon predicts Tarp 2 to come in at one TRILLION dollars.

Lets see:

$750 billion TARP1
$850 billion Porkulus Obama Maximus
$1,000 billion Tarp 2

$2.6 TRILLION down the shitter with no improvement in the economy.

Only in America. Nixon will tell his kids to migrate somewhere with a good economy when they grow up. Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Zaire, all should be better off that their poor old Uncle Sam after these boondoggles.

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