Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama Fiddles while the Gulf Dies

Ooops, Nixon should have typed "golfed". The response to the BP oil disaster by the Obamateur Administration has been a total failure. Oil is still gushing from the Deep Horizon well over a month after the rig exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers.

Today, we learn the Kenyan in Chief threw a fit and royally commanded that the "leak be plugged".

What a perfect example of a total failure of leadership.

Nixon proclaimed this fraud a failure as POTUS in February 2009 when the Iranians told him to go screw himself. Sometimes it is a burden to be right about this clown.

Obama = failure.

And the fish and birds died. Happy golfing Barry.

Monday, May 24, 2010

North Korea = Suicide by Cop?

The North Korean military is on alert tonight per several news outlets. Apparently their Dear Leader wants to end his country as a sovereign nation by jumping on the South. Even Obama couldn't ignore the 30,000 plus US soldiers stationed in harms way across the DMZ in Korea.

Nixon predicts if the Norks cross the border, they are fucked. Tactical nukes, the US Air Force, the US Marines, and the US Army will provide them with a convenient way to exit this existence. Hope the Chines can control the Norks. But, with a country that is led by a man who thinks Bugs Bunny is cerebral material, don't hold your breath.

And to celebrate, the Asian stock markets are dropping like bricks. Tomorrow on Wall Street would be a bad day to stop popping pills.

The Facepalm of the day

From the Drudge Report: 63% polled favor repeal of Obamacare. No shit.

The situation in South Korea is heating up. There is a elevated chance of a shooting war with the North.

And with the economy balanced on a straight razor, the Obamateur's want to raise the tax on oil by 400%.

Gee, thanks Barry. Nixon wants to pay more for gas.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Bye Bye Arlen. How does Nixon's ass taste?

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Specter Go Home Eve

Tomorrow will hopefully be the day that Arlen Specter loses his Senate seat in Pennsylvania. Nixon loathes this piece of shit RINO who defected to the Democratic Party. Now, his new friends will quite probably put his elderly ass into retirement. Even though the Obama Administration offered Arlen's opponent a job if he'd drop out. Nixon cannot wait for Arlen to be evicted from the Senate.

Have fun Arlen, hope you enjoy your retirement, you f'n POS.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is The USA Greece on steroids?

Nixon has been reading some foreign media, mainly in the UK, commenting on the USA's addiction to debt under the Obamateur, Pelosi, and Reid (OPR) regimes. Ever since the Democrats took the purse strings of the government in January 2007 the US has embarked on a spending binge. Of course, the economy has gone in the crapper as a result. Borrowing is increasing at a frightening rate.

The GOP must simply vote against every new OPR proposes program or spending bill. Go on record opposing every new spending increase and go on record with proposed cuts in spending.

Putting children in charge of the US economy has brought us to the brink of ruin. November is the time for the adults to take the purse strings back in their hands and try to save the US economy, before we need a bailout. Because there is no one big enough to bail the US out. If we go, so goes the planet.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scrambling in Europe

Word has reached Nixon via Drudge and Bloomberg that the European Union is trying desperately today to unveil and have in place a emergency Euro support fund today before the Asian Markets open later on today here.

Its a bad sign when you have to prop up your own currency with a support fund, as well as prop up one of YOUR MEMBER NATIONS. Nixon thinks there is a lot more behind the scenes stuff going on with the economy since last Thursday. Nixon recommends WWW.JohnGaltFla.Com as a good reference site. John has some pretty good ideas from the technical chart side of the markets.

Europe is just the starting point Nixon is afraid. There is a write up today over from Drudge on a Moody's article talking about a possible default in US debt in 2013 or soon after if we don't back away from the debt fueled insane spending of the Obama Administration and return to fiscal conservatism asap. Perhaps Senator Bennett, err, soon to be ex Senator Bennett of Utah should have learned that lessor earlier. Here is to conservatism!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sink O Mayonnaise 2010, The End of the Beginning?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tanked almost a thousand points this afternoon, rebounding to a loss of 347 points or 3% of it's value today. Supposed there was a erroneous trade entered on Proctor and Gamble that triggered the avalanche. However, traders tv's were showing footage of riots in Greece that were underway at the same time.

Nixon has a very bad feeling about this. Unemployment numbers are do out tomorrow morning and the soaring levels of US debt point to a big adventure tomorrow on Wall Street. The European situation coupled with a massive run up in nerves here points to tremendous volatility in the future in our markets. Of course what happens in Europe will directly impact our economy.

Anyone feel that we have competent leadership here to weather another economic storm? Nixon doesn't trust our government to run a lemonade stand.

Bender said it best, "We're boned".

Happy Sink O' Mayonnaise Day

Or whatever made up bullshit "holiday" is being celebrated today. Nixon has learned that a school in the USA sent home students for wearing American Flags on their shirts. The principal said that it would "offend" the Mexican kids.

Tough shit there Mr Hopefully Soon to be Unemployed Principal. This is still the USA, no matter how badly screwed up it is courtesy of the Democratic Party.

BTW, The Obamateur, the single largest recipient of BP political money, as well as the recipient of almost one million dollars of Goldman Sachs donations, will keep all of his gifts from these two companies. Many liberal defend this act. They, as The One, are hypocrites. They dredge up rumors of Cheney making billions from Iraq, yet ignore the cold hard facts that their precious lightbringer sucks at the corporate tit and says another thing entirely.

Hope and Change. Happy Sink O Mayonnaise day. Remember, the phrase that pays is illegal alien. As in criminal alien.