Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sink O Mayonnaise 2010, The End of the Beginning?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tanked almost a thousand points this afternoon, rebounding to a loss of 347 points or 3% of it's value today. Supposed there was a erroneous trade entered on Proctor and Gamble that triggered the avalanche. However, traders tv's were showing footage of riots in Greece that were underway at the same time.

Nixon has a very bad feeling about this. Unemployment numbers are do out tomorrow morning and the soaring levels of US debt point to a big adventure tomorrow on Wall Street. The European situation coupled with a massive run up in nerves here points to tremendous volatility in the future in our markets. Of course what happens in Europe will directly impact our economy.

Anyone feel that we have competent leadership here to weather another economic storm? Nixon doesn't trust our government to run a lemonade stand.

Bender said it best, "We're boned".

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