Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cheeseland or Atom Bombed Hell Hole?

This Mayor Barrett person, whatever his first name is and Nixon is too wasted to care, has to be a walking case of doucheitis. After following the debate tonight on Twitter, this imbicile has no solutions to any of the problems facing Wisconsin, and basically said he was running because Scott Walker is mean.

On Twitter, the comments from the Barrett supporters indicate that there is a high level of inbreeding and a large number of rednecks in Wisconsin. Bunch of clowns walking around with their freeloading hands held out.

Well, if Walker wins like Nixon thinks he will, the state goes into the toss up category in November. If Walker goes double digits, Romney will carry the state.

Suck it liberals. One more drink then bedtime for Nixon.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Great Cheese War of 2012

If you have been following the pointless waste of union dues that is the Wisconsin Governor recall election, you will, as Nixon has, realized that Governor Walker is preparing to drop the hammer on his union funded opponent in a major way. Nixon is calling the race 10 points or better for Gov. Walker.

It's funny how the left feels he should be recalled. After all, his legislation only saved the taxpayers a billion dollars and leveled out employment in their shit hook state. Fucking cheese land.

Of course, the unions have been shown the light. The average person is starting to realize that unions are merely fundraisers and direct arms of the Democratic Party. Hopefully Mitt Romney will, after cleaning up the Justice Department (Attorney General Guliani?) appointing a Special Prosecutor to look into the unions and their ties to the left.

Follow the money bitches. Follow the money.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bummer Saturday Night

Pretty blah Saturday night here in Nixonland. The evenings meal was acceptable, 20 ounce hand cut rib eyes, twice baked potatoes, habanero infused baked beans, and a bottle of Crown Royal Black Label.

The good thing about chemo is it gives Nixon a very good excuse to eat heavily in order to replace the 15 pounds Nixon lost. However, those $20 a piece steaks get old after a while. Nixon doesn't have much for lobster, and Nixon can't grill a porterhouse worth shit. Oh well, we all have our crosses to bear, and Nixon's is eating steak 3 times a week.

Pretty funny watching the Washington Post's attempt to slam Romney over anti gay bigotry blow up on them. Nothing like citing a source that wasn't there at the time the supposed incident occurred. Nixon would hope that if Romney wins, and Nixon thinks he will, a special prosecutor will be appointed to address the DNC and the media's ties. It would be hilarious to see some networks burned over pushing the Administrations party line.

Well, time for dessert. Apple fucking pie baby. Apple fucking pie.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Follow up to the Earlier Post

Barak Obama, who in 1996 stated he was for same sex marriage, today came out and stated that he was for same sex marriage, but the States should make the laws to recognize this abomination in the eyes of all decent people. Nixon thinks we should do this with abortion as well. Since both involve personal decisions. There will be zero chance of that happening.

This incredibly stupid decision by the Obamateur has done something many said would not be possible, drive Social Conservatives into the Romney camp. With this line in the sand, it now makes it easier for conservatives to fall in with Romney under the moral issue of same sex marriage.

Thanks Barry, you fucked up. You and your whole immoral and lawless regime. See you in November.

Thanks Barak

Obama just endorsed same sex marriage. Every social conservative is now supporting Romney.

Thanks Barry!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not Dead Yet

Nixon hasn't died, contrary to several emails and inquiries. Nixon did have a relapse of the leukemia that almost killed Nixon before, but the chemo worked. Back in remission, and according to the docs, Nixon has a few years still left in him.  So be it, Nixon will die when he's ready to go.

You know what else is on borrowed time? The Presidency of Barak Hussein Obama. Nixon feels strongly that Mitt Romney will defeat the Obamateur in the POTUS election this November.  The total failure of the Obama Administration is pitiful to watch. He's almost reduced the US to Third World status in three and a half years.

Enough is enough. Time for everyone who is not a open Obama supporter to fall in behind Romney and push the Kenyan Refugee out of the White House.  There is no excuse for anyone on the right to not vote for Mitt. Unless you are fan of Obama. It's as simple as that, a non vote for Romney is a vote for Obama.

Deal with it.  Nixon out.