Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not Dead Yet

Nixon hasn't died, contrary to several emails and inquiries. Nixon did have a relapse of the leukemia that almost killed Nixon before, but the chemo worked. Back in remission, and according to the docs, Nixon has a few years still left in him.  So be it, Nixon will die when he's ready to go.

You know what else is on borrowed time? The Presidency of Barak Hussein Obama. Nixon feels strongly that Mitt Romney will defeat the Obamateur in the POTUS election this November.  The total failure of the Obama Administration is pitiful to watch. He's almost reduced the US to Third World status in three and a half years.

Enough is enough. Time for everyone who is not a open Obama supporter to fall in behind Romney and push the Kenyan Refugee out of the White House.  There is no excuse for anyone on the right to not vote for Mitt. Unless you are fan of Obama. It's as simple as that, a non vote for Romney is a vote for Obama.

Deal with it.  Nixon out.

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