Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Almost Happy 4th of July

Tomorrow is Independence Day for the United States. In 1776, actually some years leading up to that, people finally got sick and fucking tired and decided to pledge their lives, fortunes, and dreams and took up arms and kicked the English in the ass and found their own country.  They took a lot of casualties, faced the wall a couple of times, but sacked up and won their freedom.

Now the Republic is facing a serious decision in about 4 months. We can either discard the dreams of the Founders or take back our country. Mitt Romney isn't Nixon's first choice. Nixon wishes a stronger conservative nominee would have emerged from the carnage of the GOP primaries. However, Nixon has never doubted Romney's love of country or political skill.

Mitt, if you read this, step up and take the Oval Office. There are millions like Nixon that just need you to lead from the right and we will do the rest. Step up, and be the President your country needs. The failed policies of the left almost have us down for the count. But we Americans are the most dangerous when we get up after being knocked down.

Do it Mitt, for all of us.