Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel vs Hamas, Christmas Style

Now the worlds press has predictably joined the fracas and accused the Israeli's of a "disproportionate" response to being rocketed on a daily basis and watching their people slaughtered. To the New York Times, a better response for Israel would be to do nothing, and possibly commit suicide. The Anti Israel lobby in this country seems to strangely be confined to the left side of the aisle. Why is this? What possible gain is there for anyone in this country to be pro Hamas, pro Hezbollah, and anti Israel?

Liberalism is a mental condition it has been said. Seems to have been a very accurate statement.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Arrogance of St. Caroline O'Kennedy

In a previous article, Nixon made brutal fun of the desire of St. Caroline of the Kennedy's seeking appointment to the US Senate Seat to be shortly vacated by Secretary of State (pending) Hillary Clinton. Nixon really found it sad to see someone ask for such a exalted position as US Senator with no practical experience or qualifications for said position other than having been born into one of the most politically corrupt families as the Kennedy's. She basically implied that it was her birthright to have a high political position without having to go through the mundane task of winning a election. That would be too common.

Now, St Caroline has stated that she will not release any of her financial or personal information normally required of a politician until after she is appointed a US Senator.

What a arrogant little princess St. Caroline is. Perhaps no one told her that in the US, we don't have royalty, regardless of what the sycophants and hangers on to her family have told her.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

Nixon would like to take the time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. And to remind our leftist friends that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Resurrected Son of the Living God.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bush's BIggest Mistake Yet

News today confirms that some of the clowns on the left side of the aisle were correct about George W. Bush, that he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Bush went ahead and helped keep the American Auto Industry on life support by "loaning" the Big 3 manufacturers $17 billion. Without insisting that the corrupt labor agreements in place with the United Auto Workers be re negotiated.

This is absolutely hilarious, except for the part where it's your tax dollars and mine on the line.

Only in America do we prop up failed companies to operate under the same conditions that drove them under.

Only in America.

Monday, December 15, 2008

What did he know, and When did he know it?

Some of you may remember this very question being hurled at George Bush. Now, turnabout is fair play. POTUS elect Obama is now contradicting not only his top aides, but himself in the Illinois Senate Seat Raffle recently busted by the FBI. First, Obama said he had not discussed this matter in any way with the soon to be found guilty Governor of Illinois. However, video and audio tape of his communications director Mr. Axelrod talking with a FOX affiliate immediately after the election showed Obama had been in communication with the Governor discussing acceptable replacements for Obama in the US Senate.

Then it was revealed that Rahm Emanuel, the prospective White House Chief of Staff for The One, had had several conversations with the Governor. Again, in direct contradiction to Obama's claim of absolutely no contact.

Today, even the One fell victim to selective amnesia. Obama now claims that there was no inappropriate contact regarding his replacement. Next, Obama will state there was contact but not about the Senate Seat, followed by a trip under the bus on his way to prison for the Governor.

In the joke of the day, Caroline Kennedy has told the Governor of New York that she wants the Senate seat shortly to be vacated by Hillary Clinton. A totally unqualified Senator to replace another totally unqualified Senator to serve in a Government headed by a POTUS totally unqualified to hold that office.

Only in America.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What did he know and When did he know it?

If you are like Nixon, you have been watching the rather entertaining circus that is the fallout from the arrest of the Governor of Illinois for racketeering and attempting to extort large amounts of money to fill the empty US Senate seat formerly occupied by Barak Obama.

The One was rather quick to come out and deny any and all contact with the Governor, yet some of his closest advisors have stated he was in contact and had long discussions about his successor. Please note, such contact is not wrong. However, why would Obama deny any contact occurred?

Enquiring minds would like to know.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Another Bad Case of the Monday's

Nixon really could care less about rolling out of bed today. Another fun filled start to the work week. The Big Three automakers, and their willing masters at the United Auto Workers Union, are still trying to extort, er, negotiate a bailout to cover up their mismanagment of the once great American auto industry. Hopefully, the remaining Republican Conservatives in Washington will force a total re negotiation of the labor deals that have helped bankrupt the industry. Without that, no monies should be extended to Detroit. Not one thin dime.

Also, as written about over at Red State, Newsweek Magazine has joined the homosexual fascists amongst us by stating in their new issue that any ideas out of the Bible are intellectually bankrupt when used in modern enlightened society. And there is a quote that the great Judeo Christian Heritage of this country is better than the tripe in the Bible.

First they came for the Jews, now for the Christians. They are already attacking the Mormons physically. Whats next, government licensing of sermons from the pulpit ala Canada? Time to draw a line in the sand. And stand up for what is right.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Cash Crunch?

Daily we are being told the economy is in the toilet, the next Depression is around the corner, and there is no money anywhere in the country.

In the Southeastern Conference, three head coaches have "resigned" or been fired. Phil Fulmer at Tennessee, Sylvester Crook at Mississippi State, and now Tommy Tuberville at Auburn. Together, these three men will walk away with FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS for being dismissed/shown the door. $15,000,000.00. For failure to reach the expectations of their employer. Admittedly this is all private money. But FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS for being deemed a failure.

Only in America.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twas the Night before December

Nixon has had a few days to look at the carnage unleashed in India by Muslim Terrorists. Jews, Americans, and Britains were singled out for special treatment by the psychotic mass murdering little shits involved in this massacre.

One terrorist captured has rolled over by claiming to have been trained in Pakistan in various terror training camps.

Nixon feels that it is time to let the Pakistani's understand that they must take out these free pass areas enjoyed by "tribal" areas and lawless areas in the Western part of the country bordering Afghanistan. Not only are terror groups working the area, Osama Bin Laden is rumored to hold court there as well.

A man once said, "If you are not with us, you are against us". We need to decide, as does the government of Pakistan, just who in the area is with us, and who is against us. Enough of the hands off policy. Time to kill, as it were.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Well, the busiest day of the retail year has come once again. Word out of a Walmart on Long Island NY is that a employee was trampled to death by shoppers when the doors opened this morning, and a lady was jostled into a miscarriage.

Come on people, it's freaking shopping, not a invitation to kill someone. I know the economy is tight, etc, etc. People act so freaking surprised every year about Christmas shopping they lose their minds the day after Thanksgiving.

December 25th comes every year at the same date on the calendar. Time to plan ahead and calm the F down.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twas the Night before the Day before Thanksgiving

Well, another day has come and gone. Tomorrow hopefully will not bring word of another multiple hundred billion dollar gift from Uncle Sam to some undeserving schmucks either on Wall Street or some other street. Enough is enough. Nixon says if GM or Ford can't cut the mustard, send them on to Chapter 11 land. For years the auto companies in cahoots with the organized crime family known as the United Auto Workers have fleeced the American consumer and ran a once proud American Auto Industry into the shitter. Nixon says, no money for the auto companies, house builders, or any one else. The poor taxpayer is so screwed come next year it isn't funny. I pay taxes, and I ain't laughing.

Don't think of it as a business failure, think of it as evolution in action. Thanks Larry Niven for writing perhaps the coolest sentence ever.

Good night Vic Mackey, the only cop who gave a rats anus, even though he was a crook.

Tuesday's Musings

Well, it is another day in NixonLand. Nixon is plotting out the assault on Tom Turkey scheduled for Thursday morning. Drowning the beast in hot oil is the preferred method this year. But first, Nixon will inject him with various sauces and dust him with various herbs and spices before the hot oil is employed. Nixon is salivating at the thought.

The Federal Reserve fired off another $800 billion in taxpayer funds to help support the financial industry. $600 billion will be used to buy mortgage secured debt instruments and $200 billion will be used in the secured asset consumer loan field. Nixon has one question: When will the use of taxpayer funds end?

First it was investment houses, then bank, now the homebuilders, networks, and every tom, dick, and harry is washing up in Washington hands extended to slop at the public trough. I have one question for our leaders: When does the Government itself ask for a bailout to fund all of these guarantees, capital injections, loans, and gifts? And by bailout, I mean massive cuts in services and jacking up tax rates across the board to fund this financial adventure. Nixon says January 2009 will kick it off. Watch and see.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wampum Trading, or the Great Financial Waste of 2008

Ted Forstman, of Forstman Little and Co, one of the suitors in the great takeover craze of RJ Reynolds in the late 80's, once described the use of junk bonds and other onerous forms of money as "wampum", referring to the items once used as currency by Native Americans for commerce.

Now, Citigroup has hosed the US Government again for a $20 billion infusion of cash, loan guarantees for $306 billion in so called toxic debt, which is slang for shitty loans that should never had been made or purchased. This goes on top of the $25 billion capital infusion Citi has gobbled under the TARP plan.

Now in Nixon Land, this sort of financial hi jinx gets several people fired and/or prosecuted for negligence or fraud. I really don't look for their to be any fall out in the upper echelon of Citigroup. Now the 50,000 or so employees of Citi facing layoffs as a result of this brilliant management coup will not be eligible for a government bailout.

Ain't life grand?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our new link of Interest

There is a new link for Conservative Grapevine, a good round up of conservative thought on the web today, over on our links of interest section. Please check it daily.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Hump Day, Yee Hah!

The saga of POTUS Elect Obama and his fascination with all things Clinton Like continues. Word has reached Nixon that Bill Clinton's shady financial dealings (now where have I heard that before?) may prevent Hillary from becoming Secretary of State. That would actually be a bad thing for Obama. By putting Hillary in the Administration, he totally removes her from a Presidential run in 2012, thus ridding himself of his strongest possible Democratic challenger. If she doens't make the Cabinet or any other Administrative post, look for her to make another run in 2012. More to come later as it develops.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Great Auto Wreck of 2008

The current bailout frenzy that has infected our formerly capitalistic society is the desire to now subsidize the mismanagement of the US Auto Industry. Fortunately, our lame duck Congress has now developed a spine, or at least a chicken bone, and the Republicans are looking to oppose any measures for the short term. Personally, I say no money til they re negotiate the one sided labor agreements that the manufacturers have operated under from the UAW.

$70 for a forklift driver. Hmmm, maybe that is hurting the Big Three more than their lack of "green" autos.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First they came for the Jews, Then for the Mormons

In the 1930's the Nazi Party found a convenient target to focus the anger of the masses upon in order to foster their own rise to and keeping of power. The Jewish people were a easy to target group, with unique views and a culture all of their own.

Now we have the Neo Fascists on the Left and their minions in the Same Sex Marriage movement targetting a new group with unique views: The Mormons. The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints actively participated in the campaign against Same Sex Marriage in California, Proposition 8. For that, they have been marked as the scapegoats by the Left, with calls to end their tax exempt status, as well as acts of borderline domestic terror. It is amazing to see the parallels.

Nixon gives this word of advice: Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Biggest Joke of All

Apparently the POTUS Elect cannot contain his fascination with all things old and Clintony. HotAir is reporting that Senator Hillary Clinton is in line to become Secretary of State under our new socialist overlord. Look for the Clinton's net worth to drastically increase in the coming few years if she accepts.

This should surprise no one, in that she called Mr. Obama totally unqualified and naive to be President. Nothing says "political whore" like joining the Administration of the candidate that dusted your ass in the primary and spat on you when he picked his VP.

Just another day at the office for the left.

Friday Morning Musings From NixonLand

Well, the end of the work week is finally here. Can't say that I am upset about that. On the political front, Michael Steele has formally cast his hat in the ring for RNC Chair. To say this is a crucial first step for the Republican Party is a big understatement. Only with a Conservative leader in place does the Republican Party have a chance to make any headway in the election in 2010, let alone have a shot at the White House in 2012. Nixon formally endorses Mr. Steele for RNC Chairman.

With the final tally in the US Senate races still in the air with Alaska, Georgia, and Minnesota still to complete recounts and run offs, the likelihood of a 60 seat super majority for the Democrats in the Senate is a very real possibility. Therefore, Nixon encourages the faithful to buy a firearm and ammunition, seal it very carefully, and place it somewhere safe. Just sayin'.

On the "No Joke" from this morning, William Ayers, former domestic terrorist who plotted to overthrow the US Government and to put his political enemies in concentration style death camps has admitted he and POTUS Elect Obama are "Family Friends". OK. It says a lot about a person in their associations. Also, Obama, for someone who campaigned rather ruthlessly against a Clinton sure seems to like former Clinton Administration members for his staff/cabinet. Change back to the past I guess.

More thoughts later.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Long Road Back

Well, at least some good news this week. Michael Steele is poised to hopefully take over as head of the RNC. To say the recent leadership in that role has been a robust failure would be a understatement. Steele instantly puts the party back on the way to being a true Conservative entity, as well as providing leadership that can effectively communicate the ideals of the Party to the public.

The next step, and this needs to be in place by the end of the year, is a new Contract With America. Just 8-12 simple points that all policy decisions and ideas from the Republican Party will be based on. Just as the original Contract helped lead to the gains in 1992, a new Contract will help the Republicans start forming and planning for 2010. To say that election is crucial would be a understatement as well.

Also, it is time to propel John McCain under the bus. His totally inept campaign helped Obama win the White House, and has really dug the Republican Party a hole that is rather deep to get out of. His campaign staffers have decided to revert to the McCain of old in their attempt to smear Governor Palin, whose selection was the only bright spot of the Republican ticket this go round. Palin stands ready to take the mantle of being the face of the Party in 2012, and good luck to her.

The Great Test

This is a test of my blog. This is only a test.