Monday, December 8, 2008

Another Bad Case of the Monday's

Nixon really could care less about rolling out of bed today. Another fun filled start to the work week. The Big Three automakers, and their willing masters at the United Auto Workers Union, are still trying to extort, er, negotiate a bailout to cover up their mismanagment of the once great American auto industry. Hopefully, the remaining Republican Conservatives in Washington will force a total re negotiation of the labor deals that have helped bankrupt the industry. Without that, no monies should be extended to Detroit. Not one thin dime.

Also, as written about over at Red State, Newsweek Magazine has joined the homosexual fascists amongst us by stating in their new issue that any ideas out of the Bible are intellectually bankrupt when used in modern enlightened society. And there is a quote that the great Judeo Christian Heritage of this country is better than the tripe in the Bible.

First they came for the Jews, now for the Christians. They are already attacking the Mormons physically. Whats next, government licensing of sermons from the pulpit ala Canada? Time to draw a line in the sand. And stand up for what is right.

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