Monday, December 15, 2008

What did he know, and When did he know it?

Some of you may remember this very question being hurled at George Bush. Now, turnabout is fair play. POTUS elect Obama is now contradicting not only his top aides, but himself in the Illinois Senate Seat Raffle recently busted by the FBI. First, Obama said he had not discussed this matter in any way with the soon to be found guilty Governor of Illinois. However, video and audio tape of his communications director Mr. Axelrod talking with a FOX affiliate immediately after the election showed Obama had been in communication with the Governor discussing acceptable replacements for Obama in the US Senate.

Then it was revealed that Rahm Emanuel, the prospective White House Chief of Staff for The One, had had several conversations with the Governor. Again, in direct contradiction to Obama's claim of absolutely no contact.

Today, even the One fell victim to selective amnesia. Obama now claims that there was no inappropriate contact regarding his replacement. Next, Obama will state there was contact but not about the Senate Seat, followed by a trip under the bus on his way to prison for the Governor.

In the joke of the day, Caroline Kennedy has told the Governor of New York that she wants the Senate seat shortly to be vacated by Hillary Clinton. A totally unqualified Senator to replace another totally unqualified Senator to serve in a Government headed by a POTUS totally unqualified to hold that office.

Only in America.

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