Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still Here

Nixon has been busy the last two weeks and unable to post. That will hopefully change.

Quaddify, or however the fuck you spell his name, was killed today. SHillary Clinton has a erection over this claiming we killed him. Killing a unarmed man without a verdict of a jury is murder. Guess her law education, like Obamateurs, was lacking that point.

Rick Perry is taking heat for abusing Mitt Romney last night.

Tough shit, about time someone called Mittens on his lies.

More to come. Maybe.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rather Full Day

Sarah Palin announced she will not seek the GOP nomination for President. Nixon told everyone that she wouldn't run. But, Nixon was called a hater, RINO, Perrywinkle, etc.

How does Nixon's ass taste unbelievers?

Steven Jobs passed away today. Basically, he put computers in your shirt pocket. Hell of a inventor, and from most accounts, a pretty decent guy. Sympathy for the family from the Tape.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Racism Everywhere, but not a drop to drink

It is pathetic to watch the consistent all out attempt to destroy Rick Perry with the attempts to paint him as a wild eyed neo Confederate who despises black people.

Yet Obama gets a pass on Jeremiah Wright and his active campaigning with the Black Panthers, a domestic terrorist group that practices virulent racism and acts of violence.

Martin Luther King would roll over in his grave if he could see this. His dream of a color blind America is dead, at the hands of liberals.

Yet the right is the source of all evil in America. Yeah, Kleagle Byrd and Ted Kennedy were in the GOP.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Florida Straw Poll

Herman Cain winning the Florida Straw poll sends a signal, that the average GOP voter wants a conservative voice decently articulating conservative principles. Period.

Mitt Romney is a great speaker. Rick Perry is a conservative proven Governor. Romney is a RINO. Perry, a psuedo conservative.

Perry's idea of combining Cain and Newt Gingrich has merit. However, we can't . We are faced with the choice of another 4 years of Obamateur or voting for a probably flawed candidate for POTUS.

Nixon is a Perry supporter. However, he has to present his ideas more clearly and forcefully. Romney, well, Nixon will pull the lever for him in the general. Just like McCain.

Hopefully everyone steps up their game. Hopefully.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Michelle Bachmann, Crazy Person or just a Hypocrite

It's funny. Rep. Bachmann has taken the vaccine program against cervical cancer that Rick Perry executive ordered in Texas as her personal crusade. Never mind the opt out, the benefits of stopping HPV before cervical cancer starts, none of that matters. In her tinfoil world, Rick Perry was bought and paid for in the sum of $5,000 to violate young girls in Texas with what Ace of Spades calls "Liquid Whore".

Bachmann is a joke. From her taking campaign cash from Merck's (maker of said vaccine) direct competitor, to her $140,000 in medical company donations while her husband runs a clinic, to her voting on Medicare bills while said husband bills Medicare daily, she has lost both her national political career, and apparently is in danger of being viewed as crazier than Ron Paul

It's said. Dying on a hill built on a program that doesn't exist and that Perry himself said he regrets is stupid.

Nixon firmly believes Mitt Romney is in on this smear job on Perry. His support for Bachmann in Iowa sort of tips his hand to his involvement.

These two fuckers should be removed from the National GOP scene after this election cycle. Obamalite and RonPaulx2, we don't need them.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Wonder Mitt Romney Sucks

That paragon of conservative thought, the Boston Herald, has published a laundry list of the detrimental impact of Mitt Romney's attempt at socialized medicine, RomneyCare. The highlights are a. $4.5 billion in costs and b. 18,000 jobs lost.

Yet, Rick Perry is a danger to the US.

This is a joke. Perry has apologized for the vaccine issue that was retracted. Romney has doubled down on RomneyCare. Perhaps Mitt's supporters need to vett their own candidate before cracking on Perry.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Nixon is online w Twitter. DickNixonLives.

Nixon is posting at Ace of Spades HQ daily.

More blogging to come.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Stars, They are Aligning

They are all afraid. Fear, you see, makes strange bedfellows. Left, media, RINO, all are afraid. Afraid of the impending repudiation of Barak Obama and the entrenched GOP establishment at the hands of Rick Perry.

The AP, biased as it is, attempted to spin Perry's call for troops on the Mexican/US border as a call for open borders. The Romney campaign has joined in, along with Bachman's. Bachman issued a attack on the financial achievements of the Perry Administration that were totally repudiated by the facts.

It's fear folks. Fear.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Straight Out of Texas

Sorry to paraphrase NWA, but Rick Perry's entry into the POTUS sweepstakes has electrified the base of the GOP and help propel Perry into the role of frontrunner. The establishment GOP is not happy. Scrunt deluxe's Pam Gellar and Robert Spencer are not happy. Mittens is not happy.

HAHAHA! Nixon is happy. Perry is on a roll that ends in the Oval Office. Time for all of the GOP to get on board.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry officially entered the race for the GOP nomination Saturday. He has, along with Michelle Bachman, become the front runner for the nomination. Pawlenty dropped out. Everyone else, including Mittens Romney, are now in the race for the VP slot.

Dick Nixon is officially endorsing Rick Perry for POTUS and has sent money to the campaign.

Let's all get behind the candidate who can win. Rick Perry. Fuck Yea.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Through the rabbit hole and into Poverty

Today was a joy to behold, the total repudiation of Barak Obama's failed Presidency. The Stock Market tanked, took a one way trip into the shitter, or collapsed, take your pick. 600 plus points lost on the DJIA, and the Nasdaq and S&P got boned to the tune of 6 plus percent.

Thanks Barry. Nixon is sure all of those Americans who have watched the market tank the last 6 days will appreciate you making room in their 401K's for more growth. After all, retirement is over rated. Apparently so is heat, and food.

Fucking 52%. 2012 cannot get here soon enough.

Rick Perry will decide his next step Saturday. Sure hope he gets in the race.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Well, he fundamentally changed America

First downgrade of the US debt in the history of the United States. All because he childishly refused to consider entitlement reform or really curb spending.

Michelle Bachman called for Geithner to be fired immediately. Nixon calls on Barak Hussein Obama to resign the Presidency at noon tomorrow.

He is a failure. And he is dragging the US down with him.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Greece Redux

The US has just hit 100% of it's Gross Domestic Product in it's debt fueled spending binge. One hundred fucking percent.


Rick Perry, if you do not announce your run for the POTUS withing the next ten days, the US may cease to exist as a functioning economy within a year. We have no hope of recovering unless Perry, with the help of Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan, steps forward immediately and tells the American People that the US is broke and if we don't do something now, we are boned.

This is bad people. Very bad.

And to the 52 percenters, fuck you with a blunt object.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's the spending, Idiots

Really, our liberal friends will make you believe, if you listen to their drivel long enough, that people with a gross income of $250,000 per year are the source of all evil. They get a paycheck from Uncle Sam every week, funded by the blood of minimum wage workers and unwed unemployed mothers. IF only we raised their taxes by 6% we could turn the US into a workers paradise. Never mind the 50% of the population of the US that pays no federal income taxes.


The reason this country is screwed is the government is on a record setting binge of spending. Discretionary and entitlement spending is on a one way trip to the moon UNLESS we cut spending across the board. Can't gut the military, not with Russia and China improving their militaries at a frightening rate. And our politicians are scared of taking the necessary steps to reign in and reform entitlements. Paul Ryan rolled out a plan to do so and the left went ape shit immediately.

Until the left is forced to desist the lies and tells the truth that Social Security and Medicare are fucked, the media will go right along and the great unwashed masses will never hear the truth.

Spending has to be cut. Now. Can't tax our way out of this mess. Break out the chainsaw boys, time to cut.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The 4th of July

Heard a rather interesting question today. With all of the questioning of the "rightness" of America, mainly from pro communist/socialists in the US, predominately Democrats, how many of those critics are supportive of the US? Very few. Nixon lumps about 99% of the Democratic Party into the "hate America" crowd. From the pro illegal alien folk to the pro extortionist union thug group to the racial demagogery groups to the white guilt liberals. All of these people hate the US and openly wish for some socialist paradise in which to live in.

Of course, most of the socialist paradise's have come with a bill attached. So far, said bill is in excess of 100 million dead people.

Be thankful liberals you live in a country where your lunacy is tolerated. For if Nixon had absolute power for one day, most if not all of you would have about a 23 hour life expectancy.

Thanks to God for giving us the United States of America. And liberals, stop trying to destroy it. Something bad might happen to you one day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Same as it ever was

Looks like the news cycle is staying rather consistent. The Pelosi Reid mini depression is still in full swing, the US government is spending borrowed money at a frightening rate, unemployment is stagnant, and the country is in a weird malaise. All thanks to the failed Administration of Barak Obama. A failed Presidency is something to behold first hand. He started out with all of this optimism. Now, a failed domestic economic policy, no foreign policy other than involving the US in two new wars, one for oil, and general world wide derision has rendered the TOTUS impotent to do anything of a positive nature.

Now his worst fears are looming as Rick Perry, governor of Texas, looms ready to enter the race for the White House. Obama has no defense against Perry. Perry can run on a solid economy, job growth, and high quality of life under his administration in Texas. Obama will run as a failed POTUS.

Perry, with a Palin endorsement, defeats Barak Obama straight up.

Run Rick, Run!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Case of the Strange Weiner

Kudo's to Ace of Spades HQ for the relentless coverage of the Weinergate scandal. Apparently, either Anhony Weiner, a very annoying member of Congress either A. Sent a picture of his equipment to a 21 year old woman, not his wife btw, or B. Had his computer hacked and someone sent a picture of Weiner's Weiner to the young woman. Possibly compromising a sitting US Congressman's PC.

Weiner has not denied it is a picture of his little friend. However, he has not contact law enforcement regarding the hack. He has attempted to control the conversation every time he has been asked about this event.

Pretty weird. Either he did it and got busted, or didn't and a crime was committed. Doesn't seem to be a middle ground for Weiner to stand on.

More to follow on this very strange thing.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Upswing in leftist activity

Nixon is noticing again that the numbers of moby's, liberals, infiltrators, false flags, etc on the right side of the blogosphere is picking up again. The impending announcements over the next hew months of various GOP candidates for POTUS and several critical debates on the economic future of the US are the two major causes of this rise in spamming and trolling conservative blogs.

Stay aware.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bin Laden Dead Apparently

Per CNN, Fox, and Drudge there will shortly be a speech by Obama stating that Osama Bin Laden was killed somehow and the US has his DNA identified remains. AP has stated his was wasted last week in a drone strike.

Nixon sure hopes so.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

JoeBritton, the Racist Leftist

Recently the dark side of leftism came out of the closet over on RWN. JoeBritton, one of the lefts paid agitators on the blogosphere, let slip his inner feelings towards black people in a racially charged hate filled post. It went beyond the pale of normal racism, it showed the inner core of liberal thought.

Liberals are the most racist, hate filled people on the planet. And Joebritton is the poster boy for white on black racism. Hopefully he will be shortly banned on RWN and all over decent blogs.

Before his hate filled words get someone hurt.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This has gone far enough

Nixon is sure some of you liberals who read this link support the sentiment from the left. Bring it.

Behold the tolerant moral left in this country. When you lose the battle of ideas, kill your opponents. The left is just like the Nazi Party in Germany, and the Communist Party everywhere.

Time to put the full force of the US Government behind a effort to permanently ban all unions period.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Obama sets a record

The February 2001 budget deficit of the Obamateur was larger than the 2007 entire year deficit of the Bush Administration.

Hope and change you can take to the bank.

Been hectic in Nixon Land, that whole work thing rears it's head, and as Nixon is keeping 46 mouths on the payroll, he feels obligated to work, as little as possible though.

Still here, still alive, still cancer free.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday

Sarah Palin.

Now run for President and save this country from ruin at the hands of Obama or a RINO. Give us what we want, a conservative POTUS that isn't a piece of shit.

Run Sarah, Run.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

About tired of winter

Nixon will be happy to see springtime. The snow, it's over rated.

Proof of media bias for you dipshit liberals that deny it. Why hasn't this racist attack by a leftist on a liberal all over CNN and MSNBC?


Remember when Nixon told you the left was racist? Just more proof for the pudding.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Smearing of Sarah Palin

It's sickening. The left and it's willing accomplices in the LSM have decided that the only thing that will make them happy is for Sarah Palin to die. One private citizen has so rankled the leftist scum sucking piles of dog feces that they will stoop to any low to discredit and or kill her. Chris Matthews called for Palin to be "erased", Ko$ said she was responsible for the Arizona killings, and every liberal media outlet is screaming "HATE HATE HATE".

Fuck the left. They set the tone, they constantly called for violence during the Bush Administration, threatened armed revolution, and made movies glorifying the assassination of Bush.

Enough. "If they bring a knife to the fight, pick up a gun". The Obamateur said that, so it's not hate speech.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

to all the faithful out there. Hope all of you get what you want out of the coming year. Except for the liberals, Nixon wishes nothing but heartache and failure in the coming year.

Nixon is working on his busy schedule for the coming year and will attempt to get on a regular weekly posting routine.

Illegal aliens and muslim terrorists are animals, nothing more.