Monday, June 20, 2011

Same as it ever was

Looks like the news cycle is staying rather consistent. The Pelosi Reid mini depression is still in full swing, the US government is spending borrowed money at a frightening rate, unemployment is stagnant, and the country is in a weird malaise. All thanks to the failed Administration of Barak Obama. A failed Presidency is something to behold first hand. He started out with all of this optimism. Now, a failed domestic economic policy, no foreign policy other than involving the US in two new wars, one for oil, and general world wide derision has rendered the TOTUS impotent to do anything of a positive nature.

Now his worst fears are looming as Rick Perry, governor of Texas, looms ready to enter the race for the White House. Obama has no defense against Perry. Perry can run on a solid economy, job growth, and high quality of life under his administration in Texas. Obama will run as a failed POTUS.

Perry, with a Palin endorsement, defeats Barak Obama straight up.

Run Rick, Run!!

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