Sunday, July 3, 2011

The 4th of July

Heard a rather interesting question today. With all of the questioning of the "rightness" of America, mainly from pro communist/socialists in the US, predominately Democrats, how many of those critics are supportive of the US? Very few. Nixon lumps about 99% of the Democratic Party into the "hate America" crowd. From the pro illegal alien folk to the pro extortionist union thug group to the racial demagogery groups to the white guilt liberals. All of these people hate the US and openly wish for some socialist paradise in which to live in.

Of course, most of the socialist paradise's have come with a bill attached. So far, said bill is in excess of 100 million dead people.

Be thankful liberals you live in a country where your lunacy is tolerated. For if Nixon had absolute power for one day, most if not all of you would have about a 23 hour life expectancy.

Thanks to God for giving us the United States of America. And liberals, stop trying to destroy it. Something bad might happen to you one day.

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