Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's the spending, Idiots

Really, our liberal friends will make you believe, if you listen to their drivel long enough, that people with a gross income of $250,000 per year are the source of all evil. They get a paycheck from Uncle Sam every week, funded by the blood of minimum wage workers and unwed unemployed mothers. IF only we raised their taxes by 6% we could turn the US into a workers paradise. Never mind the 50% of the population of the US that pays no federal income taxes.


The reason this country is screwed is the government is on a record setting binge of spending. Discretionary and entitlement spending is on a one way trip to the moon UNLESS we cut spending across the board. Can't gut the military, not with Russia and China improving their militaries at a frightening rate. And our politicians are scared of taking the necessary steps to reign in and reform entitlements. Paul Ryan rolled out a plan to do so and the left went ape shit immediately.

Until the left is forced to desist the lies and tells the truth that Social Security and Medicare are fucked, the media will go right along and the great unwashed masses will never hear the truth.

Spending has to be cut. Now. Can't tax our way out of this mess. Break out the chainsaw boys, time to cut.

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