Saturday, August 28, 2010

The rise of the Palinista's

Sarah Palin continues to throw 93 octane supertest gasoline on the fire that is building up for the November 2nd mid term election. Her endorsed candidates seem to do rather well at the ballot box. You need to look no further than Alaska, where the Palinista candidate looks to have dethroned a sitting UNITED STATES FUCKING SENATOR. Said Senator is now offering to buy the slot of the Libertarian (Dave's not here, man) Party in order to hold on to power.

That's right, a GOP sitting UNITED STATES FUCKING SENATOR will have to buy a slot to stay alive in the race from the party de stoners.

Nixon has called on Palin to take over the GOP. Now, Nixon calls on Sarah Palin to declare herself a candidate for the Presidency of the United States on November 3rd. The country needs her. The left hates her.

Do it Sarah, kick the TOTUS to the curb and save our country. Before it is too late.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Defenders of islam

Yep, islam is in lower case letters. The followers of that blood cult deserve nothing better. The right side of the blogosphere is infested my friends. Nixon has watched two posters on differing websites, Moonbattery and RightWingNews offer the exact same arguments, post subjects, use of the word bigot, all fucking day long regarding the builiding of the Ground Zero Mosque.

As Nixon told you people, the left has a whole operation devoted to just this type of astroturfing. Google bombs are probably being laid with all the usage of the terms bigot, muslim, right wing fanatics, etc.

We have them on the ropes when the left resorts to defending terrorists. The builders of this mosque have some rather odd friends who do business over in areas known to support and enable terrorism. However, let them build their mosque.

And when it is proven than one penny of the funding originates in Iran, from Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Quada, Yemen, or any other supporter of terrorism, burn the fucker right to the ground and sow salt in the Earth.

Astroturf, it's what's for dinner.

It will truly be a November to Remember. 90 days bitches, be ready.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Falling Economy

Even the biased liberal media can no longer cover up the disastrous economy the Obamateur has fostered on the US since coming into office. The Pelosi/Reid recession has sunk the US economy in a spiral of malaise, not seen since the Carter Administration. Our leftist friends would have one think that the economy under W Bush was a disaster. Far from it.

Unemployment was around 5% and the deficit was around $500 billion or less. Then, Pelosi/Reid came into power and the economy went in the toilet. Then Obamateur runs a $1.5 trillion deficit and unemployment hits 10%, and all is well.

The Fed meets tomorrow. Look for no good news and probably a continuation of the propping up of the US economy with borrowed funds.

Of course, it will be spun as rainbows, skittles, and unicorns.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Coincidence Nixon is Sure

Evil Otto over at penned a comment over at Moonbattery that struck Nixon with it's dead on accuracy and truth. Here it is, and boy does it apply there and at RightWingNews:

"1) The leftist troll always believes himself to be smarter than his opponent. Always. No matter how idiotic his arguments, no matter how easily they are torn apart, he never wavers in this belief.

2) Similarly, the troll knows that he is better educated. Even if he is a high school freshman arguing against someone with multiple degrees, his opponent is an ignorant, illiterate boob with a third-grade education.

3) His opponents are racists. ALL of them. This is not even guilty-until-proven-innocent, since there is no way for the opponent to prove to the leftist that he isn't racist.

4) His opponents are fascists. The leftist troll doesn't even truly understand the meaning of the word, but nonetheless labels everyone who disagrees with him as fascists or Nazis.

5) The troll believes himself to be tolerant, yet shows no respect whatsoever for anyone's opinion that doesn't agree with his. He is perfectly willing to indulge in the vilest accusations and basest insults, all the while believing in his heart that he is a tolerant and open-minded person. Leftists HATE. They hate with a pure, single-minded passion that would impress a member of the KKK.

6) There is NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER in their political views. Quiz them on a subject, and you can always predict the answer they will give you. The trolls are interchangeable.
In the end, nothing we say matters to them. They don't care what we think, don't have any intention of listening to anything that casts doubts on their view that government (at least, when they are in charge of it) is the solution to all of life's problems. They're here to dazzle themselves with their own brilliance. Coming here and stirring up shit is just a form of masturbation to them, and we're the props in their sick fantasies."

Evel Otto

Go to RWN and read the comment threads and see just how exact Otto pegged the trolls/astroturfers from the left. It is organized, they have their talking points, and they are sticking to their game plan.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nope, Nixon is not Dead

Just been working on varying projects and such at home and office.

BTW, did you know Barak Obama is the worst POTUS in US History and that the Left is scared that Sarah Palin will become the first woman POTUS in 2012?

Nixon will get back to posting in a few days on a more regular schedule. In case you didn't know, the wording on posts in the threads on Right Wing News and Moonbattery by the leftists are now getting to be word for word the same. Different names, but similar posting styles and content.

The left isn't hiding the astroturf anymore. Axelrod, the astro turf master.

The jig is up though. Thanks for playing.