Monday, August 9, 2010

The Falling Economy

Even the biased liberal media can no longer cover up the disastrous economy the Obamateur has fostered on the US since coming into office. The Pelosi/Reid recession has sunk the US economy in a spiral of malaise, not seen since the Carter Administration. Our leftist friends would have one think that the economy under W Bush was a disaster. Far from it.

Unemployment was around 5% and the deficit was around $500 billion or less. Then, Pelosi/Reid came into power and the economy went in the toilet. Then Obamateur runs a $1.5 trillion deficit and unemployment hits 10%, and all is well.

The Fed meets tomorrow. Look for no good news and probably a continuation of the propping up of the US economy with borrowed funds.

Of course, it will be spun as rainbows, skittles, and unicorns.

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