Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Defenders of islam

Yep, islam is in lower case letters. The followers of that blood cult deserve nothing better. The right side of the blogosphere is infested my friends. Nixon has watched two posters on differing websites, Moonbattery and RightWingNews offer the exact same arguments, post subjects, use of the word bigot, all fucking day long regarding the builiding of the Ground Zero Mosque.

As Nixon told you people, the left has a whole operation devoted to just this type of astroturfing. Google bombs are probably being laid with all the usage of the terms bigot, muslim, right wing fanatics, etc.

We have them on the ropes when the left resorts to defending terrorists. The builders of this mosque have some rather odd friends who do business over in areas known to support and enable terrorism. However, let them build their mosque.

And when it is proven than one penny of the funding originates in Iran, from Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Quada, Yemen, or any other supporter of terrorism, burn the fucker right to the ground and sow salt in the Earth.

Astroturf, it's what's for dinner.

It will truly be a November to Remember. 90 days bitches, be ready.

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