Friday, September 16, 2011

Michelle Bachmann, Crazy Person or just a Hypocrite

It's funny. Rep. Bachmann has taken the vaccine program against cervical cancer that Rick Perry executive ordered in Texas as her personal crusade. Never mind the opt out, the benefits of stopping HPV before cervical cancer starts, none of that matters. In her tinfoil world, Rick Perry was bought and paid for in the sum of $5,000 to violate young girls in Texas with what Ace of Spades calls "Liquid Whore".

Bachmann is a joke. From her taking campaign cash from Merck's (maker of said vaccine) direct competitor, to her $140,000 in medical company donations while her husband runs a clinic, to her voting on Medicare bills while said husband bills Medicare daily, she has lost both her national political career, and apparently is in danger of being viewed as crazier than Ron Paul

It's said. Dying on a hill built on a program that doesn't exist and that Perry himself said he regrets is stupid.

Nixon firmly believes Mitt Romney is in on this smear job on Perry. His support for Bachmann in Iowa sort of tips his hand to his involvement.

These two fuckers should be removed from the National GOP scene after this election cycle. Obamalite and RonPaulx2, we don't need them.

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