Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Arrogance of St. Caroline O'Kennedy

In a previous article, Nixon made brutal fun of the desire of St. Caroline of the Kennedy's seeking appointment to the US Senate Seat to be shortly vacated by Secretary of State (pending) Hillary Clinton. Nixon really found it sad to see someone ask for such a exalted position as US Senator with no practical experience or qualifications for said position other than having been born into one of the most politically corrupt families as the Kennedy's. She basically implied that it was her birthright to have a high political position without having to go through the mundane task of winning a election. That would be too common.

Now, St Caroline has stated that she will not release any of her financial or personal information normally required of a politician until after she is appointed a US Senator.

What a arrogant little princess St. Caroline is. Perhaps no one told her that in the US, we don't have royalty, regardless of what the sycophants and hangers on to her family have told her.

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