Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Long Road Back

Well, at least some good news this week. Michael Steele is poised to hopefully take over as head of the RNC. To say the recent leadership in that role has been a robust failure would be a understatement. Steele instantly puts the party back on the way to being a true Conservative entity, as well as providing leadership that can effectively communicate the ideals of the Party to the public.

The next step, and this needs to be in place by the end of the year, is a new Contract With America. Just 8-12 simple points that all policy decisions and ideas from the Republican Party will be based on. Just as the original Contract helped lead to the gains in 1992, a new Contract will help the Republicans start forming and planning for 2010. To say that election is crucial would be a understatement as well.

Also, it is time to propel John McCain under the bus. His totally inept campaign helped Obama win the White House, and has really dug the Republican Party a hole that is rather deep to get out of. His campaign staffers have decided to revert to the McCain of old in their attempt to smear Governor Palin, whose selection was the only bright spot of the Republican ticket this go round. Palin stands ready to take the mantle of being the face of the Party in 2012, and good luck to her.

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