Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bummer Saturday Night

Pretty blah Saturday night here in Nixonland. The evenings meal was acceptable, 20 ounce hand cut rib eyes, twice baked potatoes, habanero infused baked beans, and a bottle of Crown Royal Black Label.

The good thing about chemo is it gives Nixon a very good excuse to eat heavily in order to replace the 15 pounds Nixon lost. However, those $20 a piece steaks get old after a while. Nixon doesn't have much for lobster, and Nixon can't grill a porterhouse worth shit. Oh well, we all have our crosses to bear, and Nixon's is eating steak 3 times a week.

Pretty funny watching the Washington Post's attempt to slam Romney over anti gay bigotry blow up on them. Nothing like citing a source that wasn't there at the time the supposed incident occurred. Nixon would hope that if Romney wins, and Nixon thinks he will, a special prosecutor will be appointed to address the DNC and the media's ties. It would be hilarious to see some networks burned over pushing the Administrations party line.

Well, time for dessert. Apple fucking pie baby. Apple fucking pie.

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