Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is The USA Greece on steroids?

Nixon has been reading some foreign media, mainly in the UK, commenting on the USA's addiction to debt under the Obamateur, Pelosi, and Reid (OPR) regimes. Ever since the Democrats took the purse strings of the government in January 2007 the US has embarked on a spending binge. Of course, the economy has gone in the crapper as a result. Borrowing is increasing at a frightening rate.

The GOP must simply vote against every new OPR proposes program or spending bill. Go on record opposing every new spending increase and go on record with proposed cuts in spending.

Putting children in charge of the US economy has brought us to the brink of ruin. November is the time for the adults to take the purse strings back in their hands and try to save the US economy, before we need a bailout. Because there is no one big enough to bail the US out. If we go, so goes the planet.

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