Monday, May 24, 2010

North Korea = Suicide by Cop?

The North Korean military is on alert tonight per several news outlets. Apparently their Dear Leader wants to end his country as a sovereign nation by jumping on the South. Even Obama couldn't ignore the 30,000 plus US soldiers stationed in harms way across the DMZ in Korea.

Nixon predicts if the Norks cross the border, they are fucked. Tactical nukes, the US Air Force, the US Marines, and the US Army will provide them with a convenient way to exit this existence. Hope the Chines can control the Norks. But, with a country that is led by a man who thinks Bugs Bunny is cerebral material, don't hold your breath.

And to celebrate, the Asian stock markets are dropping like bricks. Tomorrow on Wall Street would be a bad day to stop popping pills.

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