Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Sink O' Mayonnaise Day

Or whatever made up bullshit "holiday" is being celebrated today. Nixon has learned that a school in the USA sent home students for wearing American Flags on their shirts. The principal said that it would "offend" the Mexican kids.

Tough shit there Mr Hopefully Soon to be Unemployed Principal. This is still the USA, no matter how badly screwed up it is courtesy of the Democratic Party.

BTW, The Obamateur, the single largest recipient of BP political money, as well as the recipient of almost one million dollars of Goldman Sachs donations, will keep all of his gifts from these two companies. Many liberal defend this act. They, as The One, are hypocrites. They dredge up rumors of Cheney making billions from Iraq, yet ignore the cold hard facts that their precious lightbringer sucks at the corporate tit and says another thing entirely.

Hope and Change. Happy Sink O Mayonnaise day. Remember, the phrase that pays is illegal alien. As in criminal alien.

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