Monday, February 2, 2009

Most. Corrupt. Cabinet. Evah

The Obama Administration has already made history. Gathering a public statement from Iran that his foreign policy is a failure within 10 days of taking office sets a new record. His abandonment of the Global War on Terror, thus opening America up to more attacks from blood crazed Muslim fanatics sets a new standard in appeasement.

Now, the second member of Obama's cabinet to be publicly shown to be a tax cheat, again within 10 days, has to to be a record.

Those of you who know Nixon are well aware of his feelings toward Tom Daschele. Loathing, hatred, despising - these are all mere adjectives of Nixon's soul deep hatred of former Senator Daschele. IMO, he ranks up there with James Carville as the two liberals Nixon would put against a wall if he ever assumed supreme power.

Now word of Tom Daschele's $180,000 error in paying his taxes is now public record. Also, POTUS Obama's decision to "stand by his man" is now public record. I guess there is something in the Chicago water system that makes corrupt politicians attract. There is also word of Daschele doing a lot of lobbying from entities that will directly profit from his new position.
It goes without saying if Obama were a Republican, the MSM and its allies would be running this scandal 24-7. However, Since the One is of the correct political and ideological affiliation, it barely makes the back page.

Hope and Change baby, only in America.

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