Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Pork Fried Stimulus

Nixon has been following Obamapalooza 09, the fascinating story of the 900 billion dollar stimulus plan the One has snakeoil sold the American Public. Nixon has to admit, he was impressed with the Republicans in the House voting in a block against the plan. Nice show of spine by you guys, where the f was it the last two years?

Now, off to the Senate. John McCain will probably vote for the plan, as it will allow undocumented workers, aka illegal aliens, the ability to scam funds from the welfare portion of the plan, I mean the tax refund plan. Ideally, none of the Republicans would vote for the plan in the Senate and let the Democrats have sole ownership of the plan. But, McCain and other so called moderate Republicans (aka RINO's) will roll over in submission to the One and vote for it.

Just for the hell of it, a filibuster attempt would be good for laughs, especially if the pork was brought to America's attention due to it.

Note for Howard Dean : failure to support this plan isn't a political stunt, it is economic plain sense, something your party doesn't have or understand.

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