Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Blatant racism of the Democratic Pary

Harry Reid, God bless him, proves once again that racism is alive and well on the left. His statements that Illinois needs a new Senator who can win re election (a white one) shows the plantation mentality of the left. Why is it that California and New York, states that are consistent liberal voting states, have never elected a black US Senator? California has never had a black Governor. New York broke the color barrier by having it's elected Governor develop a taste for highly skilled and high prices whores, thus promoting the black Lt. Governor to the big chair. As one poster on Rightwingnews told me, it is because those states do not have majority black voting populations. He was a liberal and didn't realize that his own words convicted the left as racists at heart.

Obama, due to his ethnicity and white appearance was exempted by this, probably, as Joe Biden put it, "He is articulate and clean for a black guy".

Democrats, KKK, Racists, Oh My!

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