Tuesday, January 13, 2009

News from Hope and Change Land

Well, the next few months should be entertaining. The One aka POTUS Elect Obama, will make the first move of his Administration the closing of the terror containment facility at Guantanemo Bay Cuba. I assume this will mean transferring the terrorists there to the Continental USA to be given pro bono ACLU representatioan and trials designed more to make the US look bad and out intelligence secrets than to prove guilt or innocence.

For the POTUS Elect, he should really consider this, as 10% of the people freed from Club Gitmo have re entered the battlefield in the Middle East against our troops. If one of these scum suckers are proven to go back into battle and kills a US troop, their blood will be on Obama's hands. Like Pilate, no hand washing will remove such guilt.

Also, Hillary Clinton's coming confirmation hearing for Secretary of State should be a blast, as news has come to light regarding her knowingly using her influence as a US Senator to work on behalf of financial donors to her husbands Presidential Library. Plus, Obama's nominee for Secretary of Treasury paid all his back delinquent taxes the day before his nomination was announced. At least that delinquent bill is now settled.

Nixon is recommending purchasing any firearms and large ammo amounts now, preferably by another person and then properly stored and hidden. Also, pray for this country. From the looks of it, it is going to be a long 4 years.

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