Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Sword of Gideon

After months and years of tolerating the psychotic animals of Hamas firing rockets into their territory, the Israeli Defense Force has sent in the ground troops to the Gaza Strip in a all out attempt to end this scourge on humanity once and for all. Of course, the Jew hating left in this country and around the world have called for Israel to just sit there and take the murder of it's people and do nothing.

Enough is enough.

"And behold, after the people had made seven circuits of the city, a mighty shout went out from the hosts, and walls of the city were cast down by the power of the Lord".

Our thoughts and prayers and most of all our support goes out to the men and women of the Israeli Defense Force. Strike hard, for you battle for civilization against the barbarian horde and their pagan religion.

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