Monday, February 16, 2009

Bender was Right

Nixon is a fan of animated shows such as "Family Guy", "Robot Chicken", and "Futurama". Little did Nixon realize until the other night that Bender the Robot from "Futurama" was in reality a savvy political commentator.

As you may know, the House and Senate Democrats, including 3 new Democrats Senators Specter, Collins, and Snow, passed the Porkulus Spending Plan, aka the Obama Stimulus Plan, without any Republicans supporting the bill. They now have a giant millstone around their necks. As the plan is infested with pork and virtually no job creation, it will fail miserably, and along the way cause the US to become a probable second rate economic power.

Also Sunday, POTUS Obama's Astroturfer in Chief Alexrod refused to rule out a return of the Censorship Doctrine by the Administration later this summer. As the liberal media controls the so called MSM, the threat caused by conservative talk radio is too much for them. Hope they realize the courts are a two way street now days.

What does any of this have to do with Bender the Robot? You may have heard of his famous quote, "We're boned".

Sums up the situation perfectly.

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