Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Failed Obama Administration

Nixon has taken static the last few days for his prophetic statement that the Obama Administration is now proven a total failure.

Well, tough titty.

Instead of the magical long hoped for return to some fantasy land "Camelot" administration, what ever the hell that is, we have a return to a liberal President, unable to lead, resorting to the politics of fear he so villified in his own campaign of 90 days ago, and the image of a President unable to deal with the realities of the Global War On Terror.

Mr. Hope and Change has been crying from the rooftops about the impending depression the US will fall into unless his magical Porkulus plan is passed and $900 billion of the American taxpayers hard earn money is wasted in a Ringling Bros style circus. Michael Steele, The new RNC Chair, should go on and let the three Republican Senators Snow, Collins, and Spectre in on the fact that they won't receive a f'n cent for their re elections if they continue to show their support for this atrocious waste of taxpayer money.

The One has already rolled back the programs instituted after 9-11 that kept us safe, effectively returning us to 9-10 in our outlook. His promise to close Gitmo and ending the military tribunals there are nothing more than kowtowing to the anti American Left that put him in the White House. Iran has already flipped his Administration the bird and proclaimed the now US position of talking with their psychotic leadership proof of failure to lead by Obama.

Nixon won't gloat of the withdrawal of Tom Daschele from his Cabinet Appointment, again over tax issues. If you cheat on your taxes and are a liberal, you to can go become a cabinet Secretary under the One.

Too Bad Daschele, Nixon hates it for you. Not.

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