Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What is Palin up to?

The Washington Post has a op ed by Sarah Palin regarding the Obamateur's Cap and Tax Plan. Spot on analysis, rather in depth yet easy to read. Of course, the comments section is chock full of your typical racist and sexist statements by liberals regarding Sarah. What else would you expect from the left?

However, more interesting is the idea floated by Rush Limbaugh, amongst others, regarding Palin's future. Rush has the idea that Sarah is now laying the groundwork by doing such articles for a possible formation of a third party run for POTUS. While Nixon is very skeptical of third party's, based on their historical performance, such a idea could very well have some teeth to it.

Most people with common sense are now realizing Obamateur has no f''n clue on how to be POTUS. A record deficit, booming unemployment, and the specter of rampant inflation still to come has opened a lot of people's eyes. Coupled with a lukewarm and lackluster response from the Republican Party, this spells out the path to the White House for a popular conservative outsider to make a serious run for the POTUS.

Some said Sarah was crazy for resigning. Crazy like a fox perhaps. Time will tell.

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