Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did you know liberals are racists, sexist, and liars?

Of course, anyone with half a brain (this excludes the 52% of the voting electorate last November) knows that the title of Nixon's post is true.

Nixon had the misfortune to read the comments on a CNN write up about the impending assault on Sarah Palin's writing of a critical op ed in the Washington Post pointing out the impending damage to be done to the economy by the Obamateur Cap and Tax plan.

Go read the comments from the so called tolerant left. They don't refute the points Sarah made, they try to destroy her. They don't want to believe their messiah could be so incompetent as to propose another disastrous plan. So they unload on Sarah.

Two way street gomers. Nixon is done with the civility to the supporters of the Obamateur Administration, both online, in print, and in the real world. You people are a blight on the American landscape. The sooner the left is removed from power, and maybe existence, the better.

Enough is enough.

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