Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blue Tuesday

What a crappy today it is. The only lively things working today is the fact that someone finally asked Obamateurs Press Secretary, Joe Goebbels III, about the swirling issue of Obamateur's birth certificate and possible unfitness for office.

Obamateur is not fir to serve as POTUS, his actions alone should disqualify him on the basis of limited mental capacity. He is the biggest empty suit to ever sit in the White House, and is neck and neck with Jimmah Carter for the title of worst POTUS in history. In fact, he makes Carter look like George Washington.

Still some rumblings that the left's dream of a socialized medical system, and the then destruction of the US as a economic power, is still alive. But, as the August recess approaches, the odds grow longer that a vote in the Senate or House will come to fruition.

We can only hope.

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