Saturday, July 4, 2009

BIrth of a Nation

1776. Men pledged their lives, property, and honor to forge a new country. They endure incredible hardships, and take their God given freedom from the mightiest Empire on Earth. All of them would roll over in their graves if they could see how the mighty have fallen. From a country that won two World Wars and the Cold War to a country that's leaders tell our friends in recently liberated Iraq that if it gets tough again there, we can't, and won't, help them stay free.
Joe Biden is a moron. And The Obamateur, a absolute disgrace to the office he holds.

Nixon shares the confusion about Sarah Palin's departure from politics. She is either tired of the bs, planning a third party run, or else her family has become a issue. Either way, she will never hold national office with this around her neck.

However, as long as people like Nixon live, this country will still live on in our memories if nothing else.

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