Monday, September 27, 2010


Nixon has been taking it somewhat easy on the blogging lately. Nixon has been making the rounds on the right side of the blogosphere, and the trolls are out in force. Obvious moby's, threadjackers, and just good old disruptors are in full force trying to undermine the conservative side of the aisle.

Do you know why? FEAR. It's rampant on the left. They realize that the game is up and their time is running out. They left Washington or will shortly without both a budget or voting on the extension of the wildly successful Bush tax cuts. The same cuts that led to record tax revenues and pulled us out of the 9-11 recession.

They have nothing to run on in November, except running away from Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

Dick Morris today said he can see the GOP taking 100 seats in the House. Personally, Nixon has it at 43. And 5 in the Senate. And before anyone writes off Delaware, beware of the fiscal conservative Democrat and Independent voter. Nixon sees that race tightening up, and look for Sarah Palin to possible campaign there. Ooops.

Nixon uttered the name of She Who Shall Not Be Named, not to be confused with the Candidate Who Shall Not Be Named (in Delaware, you figure it out).

Going to get real in the next few days on the campaign trail. Be ready to vote November 2nd. And if you are concerned (rightly) about voter fraud, volunteer to help work the polls.

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