Friday, September 17, 2010

Nixon read a Funny Today

Allahpundit and the folks at HotAir had a link to a write up asking if the Obamateur should start attacking Sarah Palin now and not wait til 2011. This makes absolutely no sense to Nixon, but, then again, liberals are mostly brain dead morons.

Sarah Palin isn't running for POTUS. No matter how many times Nixon has begged her to, she hasn't declared her candidacy.

What she is doing is changing the landscape of politics in the US. It seems like most of her endorsed candidates either win at the ballot box or come from no where to almost pull it out, solely ON THE STRENGTH OF SARAH PALIN"S ENDORSEMENT. No other private citizen has wielded such power and pull with the American people. The left is scared of her. The GOP is looking at writing on the wall that says "Your day has ended, the rule of people is dawning".

Of course, the left has been afraid of Sarah ever since she almost pulled defeat from the jaws of McCain's inept campaign. IF she had been turned loose in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, McCain would be POTUS. Tough shit John boy, you dropped the ball and the country is screwed by the Obamateur. The media has never let up on Palin, with hit piece after hit piece on her. Yet, she keeps her head up, keeps her dignity intact, and marches on.

Go ahead Barry, go nuclear on Palin. It will guarantee your defeat in 2012 and your enshrinement as the worst POTUS in history.

sidenote: Palin is in Iowa tonight. Back stage waiting on her is a note. It says, "Run Sarah, Save our Nation". RMN is at the bottom.

Run Sarah, save our Nation.

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