Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Nixon is no longer clinically depressed after the last round of the PGA this past Sunday. Tiger Woods suddenly became unable to make a putt, and Y E Yang won the PGA. Are you shitting Nixon? Yang beats Woods. What the hell is world coming to.

Over at, and a few other sites, is a nice write up on how the marketing firm David Axelrod used to work at, and the one his son currently works at, and the one that owes Axelrod Sr two million plus dollars, is now the recipient of a large advertising push and large amount of White House money to help push socialized medicine. Thats right, a firm that employs the Obamateurs left hand man's son, and by coincidence said firm owes multiple millions of dollars to said left hand, is making money to push the socialized medicine plan that will destroy the health care industry.

And the left bitched about Halliburton winning bidding contests by providing the best price and service. Yet, none on the left are concerned about this massive fracking conflict of interest.

Most. Transparent. And. Ethical. Administration. Evah.

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