Monday, August 31, 2009

The Declining Numbers of Barak Obama

You know, the approval numbers for the One continue their weekly dive. This week, Rasmussen has him down to 46% on his approval numbers. Nixon wishes the numbers on the deficit and unemployment would follow suit. Strangely however, those numbers continue to rise. It's almost as if they are related or something (sarcasm). Couple with the souring of the public's view of his attempts to socialize medicine, and Mr Hope and Change is having some serious issues.

This is also coupled with the Chinese Stock Market taking a serious downturn, and the strong possibility that the small rally we have experienced here in the States appearing to run out of it's false hopes that have driven this rally.

Looks like the new Camelot of BHO never got off of the ground. Wait til the media turns on him, if Soros misses a payment to them, it could get ugly.

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