Friday, August 14, 2009

A golfing question

Does it bother the other golfers that Tiger Woods is the best golfer alive? Seriously, look at the PGA Championship. He is 7 under after two rounds. He has won the last two tournaments he has played, coincidentally played over the last two weekends. He is up 4 strokes going in to the third round. Mail it in folks. Tiger, you are the man.

Nixon has been watching the brown shirts of the American Nazi Party, aka The Democratic Party, orchestrate an all out attack to remove Glenn Beck of Fox from the airwaves. Disagree with the message? Kill the messenger, after all, it is the Chicago Way. It humors Nixon when some long haired hippy want to be calls a conservative a Nazi, when everything said leftist supports now days is embodied in the biggest Hitler want to be on the planet, the TOTUS In Chief, Chimpy McFascist, aka Barak Obamateur. From viral emails, phony grass roots, astroturfing, mobying, and out and out lying, the left sets the gold standard for socialism, stifling dissent, and hate mongering.

If Nixon were Jewish he'd be scared shitless. But, since Nixon is a Conservative, he is already a marked man. When the round up starts of conservatives to put us in camps, I have two words for you leftists, AK 47. Come get some. Nixon will make you famous. Nixon is also the spiritual heir of another great American, Father Robert Matthews. You won't take Nixon alive. And you won't have the chance to brag. Or beg.

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