Sunday, August 9, 2009

They are starting to get Frightened

Sort of like how cockroaches run and scatter when confronted with bright light, the Democratic Party is scurrying around trying to deal with the fact that most Americans do not want the Obamateur Health Care proposal to be put in place. From calling them "brown shirts, Nazi's" and tomorrow, courtesy of Granny Botoxus Erectus, "Un American" for daring to voice their opinion, the left is in full panic mode. Watch the next few weeks for the rhetoric from the left to ramp up. Before long, anyone who opposes busting the budget and ruining the health care system of the US will be called "domestic terrorists".

Watch and see. They are afraid of the average American. They look down at them, and feel entitled to denigrate them and treat them like serfs. Bad mistake.

They are also terrified of Sarah Palin. Even more than Rush Limbaugh, your Democrat leaders are absolutely terrified she will make a POTUS run in 2012. Regardless of your opinion, she could make a serious run on a populist/conservative platform and have a serious chance to win.

Fear. It's what for breakfast.

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