Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Daily Lies

Nixon supposes that he will have to run a daily feature for all of the lies being told by the Democratic Party and the POTUS regarding the so called Health Care Reform Plan. Couple of items just from today:

1. Obamateur claims that the AARP has endorsed his plan. Ooops, doesn't look like they have.

2. The new Health Care plan will be ran as well as the Post Office. No way. This plan won't be up to the inept standards of the US Postal Service. It will be worse. Hard to fathom that, isn't it?

3. A supposed grass roots supporter, a 9 year old girl at a "town hall", actually a staged press conference, asked the Teleprompter in Chief why all those signs people were holding up around the country were saying mean things about his August presence. BAHHHH, answer B. Turned out the kid was the daughter of a major Obama donor.That is enough for Nixon to call child services on the parent for brainwashing their kid with that sort of drivel.

The polls supporting Obamateur's plan are dropping, the calling of opponents Nazi's and Klansmen are going on almost hourly, and the Democrats are very afraid. Just as Nixon said they would be.

Hope and Change. Remember, if you voted for the Obamateur, you are without the shadow of a doubt a complete f'n moron. Thanks for that 1.3 trillion dollar deficit so far this year.

Nixon has told you to buy a firearm and be prepared. I STRONGLY encourage you to do so if you have not done so yet. The next step is re education camps and a loss of your civil rights for opposing the POTUS.

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