Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back for More

Nixon has been tied up this week with work related issues. Naothing that firing two employees couldn't cure however. The kicker? Both voted for Obamateur.

Supposedly Granny Botoxus is set to unveil a government health care plan in the House today, tomorrow, or maybe Halloween Day, Granny's High Holy Day of the year. Look for reduced services, higher costs, abortion funding, and a good number of doctors leaving the industry.

Same ol same ol on the net, except for a plea from the right side of the blogosphere: Any financial information regarding investments, loans, and or gifts involving the Huffington Post and it's ownership group should be emailed in to Nixon. That is all.

Nixon shall return, sooner rather than later.

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Carlos Echevarria said...

I just ran across your blog over at Gateway Pundit.

I am a huge fan and supporter of the 37th President, as ''90 I visted the Yorba Linda birthplace and museum.

My father down here in South Florida would run into him, as we had property in Key Biscayne, too, and they would frequent the same restaurants and watering holes.

As a Cuban American and "company" contractor, my father knew a couple of the Watergate "burglars", LOL

Keep up the great work...btw, I hate when even some on the right compare Obama vs Fox, like Nixon???

The difference is the MSM, WPost and NYT were engaging in treason, dissemenating pilfered information to our enemies and in the case of the WPost we NOW know how Felt, Woodward, Bernstein the commie, Graham, Bradlee and Teddy Kenney were part of a conspiracy, a practical coup, to bring Nixon down.

All Fox News is doing is telling the truth.